DDR400 problems with ASrock p4165g

  sporadic_kit 14:05 15 Oct 2006

Hi, This is beginning to irritate me - I have just upgraded my PC by getting a new Motherboard, HDD, Processor, Graphics card and RAM.

The machine works fine wiht my old memory configuration (see ram config 3 below) however will not work with the new RAM I have (see RAM config 1 and 2 below) The manual clearly states that it supports DDR400 as long as you are running an 800MHZ FSB which I am. I am getting annoyed as the game I want to play will not run nicely will only 512MB of RAM. Please Please can someone help out here? Thanks.

Motherboard: ASROCK P4i65g
URL: click here
Bios version: 1.30

Processor: P4 3.2 GHZ HT 800MHZ FSB 1MB L2 Cache

RAM Config1: 2GB DDR400 333MHZ PC2700 CL2.5 (Advance Modules) 2x 1024MB DIMMS

RAM Config2: 2GB DDR400 400MHZ CL3.0 PC3200 2x1024MB DIMMS

RAM Config 3: 512mb DDR266 2x256MB DIMMS

Graphics Card: ATI RADEON 8X AGP

Disk: 400GB SATA1

  James. 14:23 15 Oct 2006

Two things to consider

1) Page 13 of your manual states that your DIMMS must be identical in every way chip, speed, maufacturer etc, are they?

2) Your maual states "Up to 2MB supported", if it's anything like my mobo, which supports "Up to 3MB of RAM" it will not support the maximum amount at anything more than PC2700. The maximum amount of DDR 400 I can run is 1.25MB, despite as I said claiming "Up to 3MB".

Good luck


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