Mastermind 10:42 10 Jul 2003

I'm thinking of buying an Asus A7N8X.

I'm not sure what the best memory configuration would be.

Is 2x256 using the Dual DDR feature more desirable than one 1x512?

Also, should I use DDR333 or DDR400? I always get my memory from Crucial, but in the motherboards manual it says, "Visit the Asus website for the latest DIMM Qualified Vendors List. Make sure to use only tested and qualified DDR400 DIMMs." Crucial aren't listed.

it's good to see you've read the manual, if it says ddr400 is supported then that would be best (aim to match the data bandwith of your processor) as to 1 stick or 2 then opt for 1 as logically that calls for less work from the memory controller, beware of heat problems and use ram sinks if you can. the memory you buy from crucial probably comes from a manufacturer that is on the asus list but suffice is to say that crucial seems to be a good reliable company.


  Mastermind 12:43 10 Jul 2003

With only one stick of RAM though I won't be utilising the Dual DDR feature.

  Mastermind 12:47 10 Jul 2003

Also, I have heard that motherboards based on the nForce2 can be fussy when using DDR400 rather than DDR333.

  Steven135 13:04 10 Jul 2003

I have the Asus A7N8X Deluxe fitted with 1 gig 2x 256 PC 2700 DDR works like lightening.

  Mastermind 13:29 10 Jul 2003

What I'm interested to know is, since the board supports Dual DDR, am I better off buying 2x256 or 1x512.

Also, does this board cope with DDR400, because I've heard that motherboards based on the nForce2 don't always like DDR400.

  Steven135 13:46 10 Jul 2003

From the manual 'install 184-pin unbuffered PC3200/2700/2100/1600.

See this article on using one or two dimms:

click here

  BillEmm 14:09 10 Jul 2003

You can get up to 20 percent faster processing with twin sticks of 256MB compared to one stick of 512MB. Thats the whole purpose of the 'Dual' function - there is a certain amount of overlapping in the operation.

Just my contribution for today.


  Mastermind 14:48 10 Jul 2003

Is there any interaction between RAM speed and CPU FSB?

I'm going to be using an Athlon XP 333MHz FSB CPU. Should I still opt for DDR400?

apologies, i didnt notice you,d mentioned a dual channel architecture when i posted earlier so what i said about 1 or 2 sticks was wrong as you have noticed.

but it would be best to match the bandwidths as i said, 333*8 (64bit)=2.6MB/s (your processor bandwidth) dual channel DDR333 will give a matching bandwidth (333*4(32bit))*2=2.6 MB/s whereas (400*4)*2=3.2MB/s.

  Mastermind 16:03 10 Jul 2003

Right. So I'm better off getting 2x256 DDR333?

Would it not be a good idea to get DDR400 in case I upgrade to a 400MHz FSB CPU in the future?

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