Is this DDR3 RAM compatible with my Motherboard?

  sydsnott 20:36 19 Feb 2018

I have an old Asus P5Q3 motherboard running Corsair 2Gb PC3-10666 TwinX (2 x 1GB) Specs:- Product Description Corsair XMS3 memory - 2 GB ( 2 x 1 GB ) - DIMM 240-pin - DDR3 Storage Capacity 2 GB ( 2 x 1 GB ) Upgrade Type Generic Technology DDR3 SDRAM Form Factor DIMM 240-pin Memory Speed 1333 MHz Latency Timings CL9 unbuffered Voltage 1.7v

Just about to bid on ebay for:- Brand Corsair MPN TW3X4G1333C9A UPC 0843591005142

Key Features Type DDR3 SDRAM Total Capacity 4 GB Modules Quantity 2 Bus Clock 1333 MHz Form Factor DIMM 240-pin PC Rating PC3-10666 (DDR3-1333) CAS Latency CL9

My Mb can take up to 16GB in 4 slots Two Questions:

1) will these from ebay work in my Mb since the current pair are operating at 1.7v and the new ones are stated as 1.5v?

2) If the new ones will be OK despite the lower voltage requirement, can I also add in the existing pair, too so that my total will be 6GB?

  sydsnott 21:39 19 Feb 2018

More info:- M

  sydsnott 21:42 19 Feb 2018

NO idea what happened Mb Specs


Only minutes to go on the auction!!

  sydsnott 21:44 19 Feb 2018

Too late, as ever!

  sydsnott 22:53 19 Feb 2018

Hi Dave, As acerbic as ever I see! ;)

As I said, both mine and those I've just missed are 1333MHz PC3 10666, not that I understand any of that, I'm just pedantically comparing numbers and letters! - What confused me was the fact that mine are 1.7v and those on sale were 1.5v

I was hoping to populate all available slots and get 6GB in total.

Assuming all would play nicely, I would not be unhappy with a drop in the overall performance due to any small mismatches.

As you say, my old CPU (Intel Core2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz) would be unlikely to notice, as would I.

I have two W10 Machines which I'm using more now and would then use this machine for playing around with Linux 64bit distro's.

  sydsnott 23:26 19 Feb 2018

Never really understood the results from The Crucial scanner. This time it's saying I can spend anything between £35 and £150 but only lists PC3 and PC3L 12800.

The ones I missed went for £12, not worth spending that kinda money just to play with 64bit. :(

I already have An Optiplex GX280 running "Mint 17 Mate" and a Fujitsu Esprimo running "Mint 17 Cinnamon". Guess I'll just have to keep prowling around ebay waiting for another chance, long as I can remember what will likely match!

  sydsnott 01:39 20 Feb 2018

Just looked up acerbic and I don't think I'm that bad.

Hmm, maybe 'twas a bit harsh!

I shall stagger off to bed mortally wounded by another of your "truths", ...or should that be treeth as in tooth/teeth. ;)

  sydsnott 02:08 20 Feb 2018

Machine finally caught up with reality, when I posted that last comment, page two didn't exist!

Thanks for the ebuyer link, that item is not dual channel or what ever the ones are that come in pairs, so I wouldn't imagine what kind of havoc that would wreak on my poor machine!

In the "also ran's" lower down I see the 2x2GB XMS3 sticks which are visually exactly the same as my existing 2x1GB's. just can't countenance lashing out forty quid, but I'll have to do something if I'm to continue accessing this site...currently just FF open with 3 tabs, email, ebuyer and this page, and memory is at 1.74GB.!! My PC is just overwhelmed by the advertising.

Anyhow, I'll wish you a good noght and thanks for the advice and banter!


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