DDR2 Ram Query

  Eargasm 21:25 26 Nov 2008

I have just put a new system together ( it's fairly basic)

Gigabyte M61PME-S2 Motherboard

Sempron LE-1250 2.2 GHz Processor

2GB DDR2 800 PC6400 Ram ( 2x1GB)

The computer works fine and Windows reports the installed memory as 2GB.

When i first switch on the computer the memory information says " DDR2 800 Single Channel 64 bit"
and not dual channel mode. The motherboard manual says it supports dual channel memory mode.

I thought that the memory would be recognised as dual automatically,( as there are only 2 slots) do i need to alter a bios setting maybe and if so can anyone point me in the right direction?

Here's a link to my motherboard....

click here


  MAT ALAN 21:34 26 Nov 2008

click here

this might explain whats going on...

  Eargasm 22:02 26 Nov 2008

Thanks for the link Mat, i think i understand that when there are 4 slots on the motherboard, but there is only 2 slots on this one.

  DieSse 23:35 26 Nov 2008

The manual says dual-mode operation is automatic when matching memory modules are detected.

So possibly it doesn't like your RAM modules?

Are they Grade1 (known brands) or unspecific OEM type Grade3?

Here is the qualified memory list for this board

click here

  Switcher 23:42 26 Nov 2008

Could it be something to do with this

Note that the new AMD Athlon 64 FX processors run DDR RAM in dual-channel mode, but the standard Athlon 64 processors, which use a Socket 754 motherboard, can only run it in single-channel mode. Only the Athlon 64 and 64 FX processors that run on a Socket 939 and Socket AM2 motherboard can run the DDR (Socket 939) and DDR2 (Socket AM2) memory in dual-channel mode. Intel Pentium 4 processors can only use DDR or DDR2 RAM in dual-channel mode if the motherboard's chipset supports that mode, because unlike the Socket 939 and Socket AM2 Athlon 64 processors, they don't have a built-in memory controller

  DieSse 23:45 26 Nov 2008

This is an AM2 motherboard.

  Switcher 23:46 26 Nov 2008

Ooops now noted that your soket is AM2

  Eargasm 23:55 26 Nov 2008

Thanks DieSse
I'm afraid my ram modules are the bog standard generic ones, ( although matching) and not on the list from your link,so it's probably to do with that.
These are ELIXIR and are currently £8.80 per Gig so probably not the best.

click here(16578)ELIXIR-1024MB-DDR2-800-PC6400---Memory-M2Y1G64TU8H.aspx


  Eargasm 23:58 26 Nov 2008

Duff link sorry ........
click here

  Switcher 00:08 27 Nov 2008

My original thought was the same as Diesee re matching of Modules. Try reversing the slot positions , you never know !!

  DieSse 00:10 27 Nov 2008

In support of the theory

click here;t=11727

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