Teaboy 17:30 02 Sep 2008

Hi- to those who know about these things. Given all things being equal, which would be the better buy 8192MB of DDR2 SDRAM, or 4096MB of DDR3 SDRAM?

Thanks in anticipation.

  citadel 17:33 02 Sep 2008

8g of ram is too much, most of it will not get used.

  DieSse 17:39 02 Sep 2008

According to recent tests on Toms Hardware, more RAM is normally better then faster RAM (though they were assessing 2GB against 4GB).

However you can have more than enough RAM -

to use over around 3.3GB RAM you need to be using a 64-bit Windows version. Otherwise Windows simply can't even address the RAM.

you would need to be using applications (or combinations of applications at the same time) that would benefit from the extra RAM. Most won't.

  Teaboy 18:16 02 Sep 2008

thanks for the response guys-

The puter I have in mind is equipped with windows 64-bit version-it is a biggy, with enough space on the hard-drive to build a house there-on.

Like the Vista operating system, 64-bit version is unavoidable.

which brings me back- 8M at 2, or 4M at 3

  citadel 20:09 02 Sep 2008

some pc's are advertised with 8g ram as ddr2 is very cheap now and it makes it look better. I would get 4g of ddr3. It dosent matter how big the hard drive is.

  Joe R 20:21 02 Sep 2008


If you are going to be running a 64bit system, then, the more the merrier.

  DieSse 20:21 02 Sep 2008

You say "all other things being equal - but unfortunately they never are.

I can't imagine the need for 4GB, let alone 8GB. So despite Toms tests, I'd be inclined to chosse the faster RAM.

Though I suspect you'd never be able to tell the difference for anything but the most exceptional types of workload.

I scrape along with a P4 2.4MHz and 1GB RAM - seen and used faster systems - the difference never seemed significant enough to worry about to me. But then if I really wanted to play games I guess I'd get a games console (I don't want to, in case you'd not guessed).

If you're into games, make sure you get a decent graphics set up though.

  Teaboy 17:12 03 Sep 2008

Thanks for the help guys- I shall go for the DDR3 system with the 64 bit system.

This buy is really to show off to friends. They all have bigger/better computers that I. I'll show them!

  LastChip 17:35 03 Sep 2008

Some very knowledgeable guy's at ExtremeTech carried out similar tests to see which was the best option.

Their conclusion was, more RAM is better. The difference in speed for all practical purposes, will not be of any consequence.

click here for the full review.

  Teaboy 17:16 04 Sep 2008

Thank you LastChip. You caught me just in time. The test by Extreme Tech was just what I was looking for. It has changed my view as to the relative value of DDR2/DDR3. I shall now plonk for the 8MG job.

  DieSse 19:06 04 Sep 2008

That's just like the tests they ran at Tome Hardware, that I mentioned earlier. It compares 2GB with 4GB. The comparisons of 4GB with 8GB will not be the same at all.

I can readily see why 4GB of slower RAM might be marginally better than 2GB of faster RAM.

However, I still hold to my opinion that 4GB of faster RAM would be better than 8GB of slower RAM. The reason being that over 4GB you have lost virtually any chance at all of more RAM improving performance (whereas at over 2GB you haven't).

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