DDR2 instability in Dual Mode? and overclocking...

  toon_mad 14:43 23 Nov 2008

Ok, heres a wierd problem. I can overclock my Q6600 on a P5N-E sli stable at 3ghz, with the ram unlinked at 800mhz - but ONLY when my ram is in dual mode. The ram in question is corsair XMS2 800mhz 4x1gb, i had it on all day the other day stable at 3ghz, but then i decided to try and push for 3.2ghz - the pc wouldnt post, so i had to reset the rtc jumpers to get back on, with the configuration left as before it would take around 3-10mins for windows to lock up. Took me ages to realise that if i put my ram back to single channel mode, the pc became stable again, but at stock speed of 2.4ghz

So it seems i could get 3ghz stable in dual channel mode, but then after pushing harder and i got to the no POST point, windows is unstable (even if i took the overclock off, xp seems to lock up in dual channel mode). Single channel mode works as stable as could be, without the overclock (tried unlinking ram to 667mhz).

And one final strange thing, when i first got the pc around 6 months ago, it would show up in the bios as sli detected - disabled, then not long after having the pc it would show as sli not detected, changing the ram round again its detected but disabled, why would that change?

Could someone verify the ram configuration is right, when i first got the pc it came with only 2x1gb sticks, so ill call these A1 and A2. The around a month ago i bought another two exact same (but the version # is different), will call them B1 and B2. So single channel mode is currently A1,A2,empty,empty (just running on the 2 for the moment), when i had dual channel mode it was installed like:


detailed spec:

Asus P5N-E SLI (flashed to latest bios)
Intel Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
4x1gb XMS2 corsair (2 installed)
Nforce 650i sli chipset

Is a long post i know :(

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