ddr ram problem

  lenla 18:21 03 Dec 2005

Hi m8s, my pc is a HP Pavilion 403 and I have tried to install a 512 memory stick fine until I turn on pc then it locks up....Any Idea's please.

  alan227 18:56 03 Dec 2005

What speed memory did you buy?
Have you tried taking out the origonal memory and seeing if it will run with just your new memory in?.

  alan227 18:58 03 Dec 2005

I forgot to ask does it show the startup BIOS information page, as it should show the amount of installed memory on that.

  PC Bilbo 18:58 03 Dec 2005

In order that we may make meaningful suggestions, can you provide a bit more info such as the Operating System installed.

Is this 512MB additional RAM in which case what type of RAM did you purchase and what have you got already installed?

According to specs I looked at for UK version (there are others listed)you need DDR PC2100 unbuffered Non ECC type

  woodchip 19:05 03 Dec 2005

Do you mean a External USB Stick. As I get it with a USB drive on Win98se after I ran a Network Creation Floppy disc. the Floppy drive light stays on if the USB drive is connected

  lenla 19:18 03 Dec 2005

Sorry people. os win xp, change from 256 to 512
from startup the screen shows various startup modes such as start in safe mode etc

  woodchip 19:21 03 Dec 2005

If its normal stick of ram, then its faulty or not compatible with ram already in or you motherboard

  lenla 19:56 03 Dec 2005

CHEERS everybody, I do have the wrong stick thanks to all for your help

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