DDR RAM booting problem???

  Sunny-275842 11:54 01 Mar 2003

i just bought some 512DDR RAM (184PINS, PC2100) for my computer which has a ASUS A7A266 mobo. i have already have a 266DDR in there but when i boot up my computer it does not load some start up programmes properly. my AVG Virus checker does not boot up down at the task bar and waiting for a few mins it comes up with a message saying

Driver(CORE) Not Found Winerr=2

i have taken out my 256 and left the 512 in and it works ok, i tryed swapping the banks over vice a verser did not work.

please can you tell me whats wrong or why it does this.


  akzah 11:57 01 Mar 2003

Are both your DDR Ram CL2.5 and PC2100?

As the mobo might be confused with two differnt types of RAM.

  Sunny-275842 12:00 01 Mar 2003

the other 256RAM is a PC2100, CL2.5 im not sure about the other one, if you bare with me i have a look cus at the mo im running the 512ram :) cheers

  Sunny-275842 12:05 01 Mar 2003

yes the other 512 ram is also PC2100, and CL2.5 too

  akzah 12:07 01 Mar 2003

Make sure your BIOS shows your RAM as that, Otherwise you can check your memory using some software which will check if there any problems.

What Operating System are using, as I don't think Pre WinXP OS like memory over 256mb

  Sunny-275842 12:11 01 Mar 2003

well im still using the old unstable M$ M.E. but im planning to get XP very soon, i heard that M.E. does not like ram over a certain amount but im sure XP dosnt mind having more than 512 in the mobo. how can i check in the BIOS to show what i have to show?

  akzah 12:14 01 Mar 2003

When you enter your BIOS (either delete or F2) at the startup, then go to the Memory Page, Here you should have a List where it shouls say:
CAS Latency 2.5T

  Sunny-275842 12:16 01 Mar 2003

ok, what do i have to change it to?

  Sunny-275842 12:37 01 Mar 2003

i have checked the BIOS and my SDRAM CAS Lantency 2.5T is disabled i cannot go into the menus....

pls can anyone you help!!!

  Sunny-275842 13:35 01 Mar 2003


  acfc 13:50 01 Mar 2003

I'm pretty sure ME doesn't like more than 512Mb of RAM but XP would not be a problem.

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