DDR or SDR memory ?

  [DELETED] 07:40 05 May 2006

Hi My motherboard takes either 184pin DDR PC2100/1600 (2 slots supports upto 2MB) or 168pin SDR PC133 memory sticks (3 slots supports upto 3MB) ....

My question is , which is best ? is there any difference in performance in either ?

Windows XP
512 DDR
gForce3 nvidia graphics
creative 5.1 soundblaster live
asus a7a266 motherboard

I use a download peer2peer program plus play some comp games and things slow down and have read on the net that more memory is a good this (the most the board can handle the better)

so , does anyone know which gives the better performance DDR or SDR


geo g

  [DELETED] 07:44 05 May 2006

DDR is faster. It clocks data on both edges of the clock pulse which is why its called DDR (Double Data Rate).

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