DDR Memory Speed

  colinm2 00:06 16 Apr 2005

I have just bought a computer with 1GB of DDR400 PC3200 RAM, when the computer boots up it declares that the memory is DDR333.

I have went into the Bios and the highest setting available is 166MHz, The motherboard manual claims it is suitable for PC3200 memory.

I guess I need 200MHz to get DDR400, is this the wrong motherboard.


  DieSse 00:19 16 Apr 2005

What motherboard is it?

  colinm2 00:23 16 Apr 2005

It is a Foxconn Winfast K8S 760MG.

  DieSse 00:46 16 Apr 2005

THe FoxConn sitedoesn't seem to offer user manuals to download - so I can only offer a general comment right now.

Motherboards often offer support for faster RAM than they can actually run at. This is for enhanced compatability in such cases.

The BIOS may offer a setting to run the RAM faster than the FSB - this is fairly common - check whether yours does, and what it is set to.

  DieSse 00:47 16 Apr 2005

Also, of course, consult your supplier for a comment.

  colinm2 12:27 16 Apr 2005

I know what you are saying, however, the only options are 100,133, 166, do I need 200MHz to get DDR400?

  dan11 13:42 16 Apr 2005

I think the motherboard is an Asus K8S-mx.

  dan11 14:13 16 Apr 2005

Is the bios memory setup like this.click here

Is it a amd 64bit cpu and do you have cool and quiet enabled in the bios?

  colinm2 17:51 16 Apr 2005

dan11, it is not an Asus motherboard it is a Foxconn winfast K8S 760MG which is built by HON Hai industries.

Bios does not look like that, gives a section in the advanced chipset features for max memclock (MHz) and the available settings are 100,133 and 166MHz.

It is an Athlon 3200+, nothing in bios about cool and quiet.

Another question, I have a Radeion 9800 pro AIW, what should the GUI engine clock and GUI memory clock be set at? defaults to 133 and 183 respectively.


  colinm2 20:49 16 Apr 2005

Can anyone advise on the graphics card question?

  dan11 22:06 16 Apr 2005

It's just that google comes up with 5 out of 6 hits with the asus board for Foxconn winfast K8S 760MG
click here

The other is a TYAN Thunder K8S motherboard.

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