DDR MEMORY PC3200 in PC2100 Board

  gamesaregood 19:44 12 Mar 2003


I have a jetway 266b Motherboard that supports DDR 2100 (266) i would like to put in PC333 so when i upgrade the pc i can use the memory at the higher speed. The question is does DDR Memory slow does like SD does to 100 when using 133 and a 100 chip.

Thanks Michael

  A Pound of Sausages 19:46 12 Mar 2003

In theory, it should run at the DDR2100 speed

  gamesaregood 19:48 12 Mar 2003

has anyone tried it?

  AMD 4 ever 19:54 12 Mar 2003

if DDR3200 is supported then it will run at the correct speed...if however of doesn't then it might not boot or at best it will run at 2100 speeds.
Depends on many things...motherboard,BIOS,RAM Manufacturer, whether you are coupling it with any other RAM!

  gamesaregood 22:08 12 Mar 2003

It will be on it own, only one ram chip.

Its a Jetway 266B Motherboard, award bios do you know any DDR3200 thats supported?

Thanks Michael

  powerless 22:23 12 Mar 2003

Your board will only run at 266...Not 400

If it did everyone would be rushing out buying the cheaper boards.

Your memory no matter what u buy will run a 266. Go for 266 its cheaper than 400.

Want 400? Buy a new board...

click here and click here these will tell you about the board.

  ragingmountain 23:49 08 Apr 2005

Hi looking to do the same PC3200 n a PC2100 board as old ram has errors but upgrading soon so just need a quick fix.


  DieSse 00:18 09 Apr 2005

If faster RAM ran in slower boards it would only run at the board speed.

However there is also a reasonable chance that it won't run, or even worse will run and give intermittent errors.

So the best advice can only be - it's not worth the risk.

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