Is DDR 400 worth it yet?

  Gaz W 21:58 31 Mar 2003

I'm thinking of getting an Epox 8K9A2+ motherboard, which supports DDR 400. The processor I wanted to get is an Athlon XP 2200+, but this is only 266MHz, and the 2700+ is 333MHz. What sort of difference would this make? Would the processor slow down the memory or would there still be better performance with an 2200+ with 512Mb DDR 400 instead of 512Mb PC2100 (266MHz) DDR? Should I save myself some money and et 266MHz until there is a processor that works at 400MHz, or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

  kentylad 22:18 31 Mar 2003

As it stands, I would say opt for 266 or 333. 400MHz is still in its juvenile stages and hence you could incur problems. Play it safe if you ask me....

I am running 256MB 333MHz and it runs like a dream. What do you use your PC predominantly for? Games?


  EggandPeas 00:07 01 Apr 2003

you should always match the speed of your memory to the speed of your FSB - this way both your memory and your CPU are working synchronously and there is not as much latency (waiting extra clock cycles to get information).

So if you are going to get 2200+ XP with 133MHz FSB (266MHz DDR), get DDR 266 memory (PC2100). If you go for 2700+ XP with 166MHz (333MHz DDR) go for DDR 333 (PC2700).

Just make sure the 8K9A2+ supports the CPU though... and the memory for that matter ;)

  professor 01:27 01 Apr 2003

DDR 400 is worth it note though that you can run PC3200 with a Athlon XP 1800+ for example and you WILL get a drastic increase in memory performance regardless of wether a cpus FSB speed is slower than the DDR speed or not.


  aeolus 02:04 01 Apr 2003

I think it also worth .but I like asus motherboard

  Gaz W 22:39 01 Apr 2003


Any particular Asus motherboard? I've not yet built the system and don't have the motherboard yet. I'm not looking to spend a lot on a system and already have a case, DVD-ROM, LS-120 drive and a hard disk.

The Epox board does support the processor and it also supports up to DDR 400 memory.

I'm only getting an Athlon XP 2200+ because it's the only one under £100! Does anyone know if I can get a faster version (preferably one of the 333MHz ones) cheaper? Are there any 400MHz bus AMDs available, or do we have to wait for the Athlon 64?

Sorry for not replying quicker - just came back to computer & realised that I hadn't posted it!

  powerless 22:40 01 Apr 2003

400 Buses in May.


On the Barton core.

  DieSse 02:10 02 Apr 2003

Not according to Tom - see these benchmarks.

click here

  aeolus 07:07 02 Apr 2003

Dual-Channel DDR support up to 4GB!!
P4G8X (Intel E7205)
With the all-new Intel E7205 chipset, the ASUS P4G8X motherboard offers Dual-Channel DDR up to 4GB (128bit more than previous solutions)

  Gaz W 09:45 02 Apr 2003

So what's the cheapest Motherboard/CPU/Memory option for me that is also quite fast? I had thought of this Epox board with an AMD processor and DDR 400, but it's the price of the processor that means I can only have one with 266MHz bus.

  Gaz W 09:45 02 Apr 2003


I am willing to take the risk of DDR 400 because if it doesn't work I can just take the lot back and swap them for something else.

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