DDR 400 Matched memory

  1887 13:40 22 Mar 2007

Hi could anyone please tell me if

1024Mb (2x512Mb) Dual Channel DDR400 Matched Memory is ECC or non ECC


  moorie- 13:56 22 Mar 2007

do the scan here
click here

  1887 14:08 22 Mar 2007

Its not for me mate

Its for a friend of mine who wants to know

Thanks for that anyway :)

  GaT7 14:19 22 Mar 2007

Could be either. What's the make or model number of the RAM modules - usually this is the only way to find out for sure. G

  GaT7 14:49 22 Mar 2007

Sorry, I meant make AND model number. Sometimes just the model number is enough to carry out some research. G

  moorie- 15:03 22 Mar 2007

you didnt say why he wants to know?
im guessing its to upgrade

if he is upgrading ask him to do the scan as theres no point on skimping/using cheap ram,high density modules etc
click here

  moorie- 22:47 23 Mar 2007

nice try 1887?

  moorie- 22:56 23 Mar 2007

quote from
the vcr turned itself on 5 times thread

I built both my PC & my partners as I work for a local PC shop so I know what im doing just in case you wondered

taking the mick i presume

  p;3 23:02 23 Mar 2007



click here

  1887 13:09 24 Mar 2007

I have no knowledge on memory im selling some for a friend of mine. I only build pcs not program them.

Please anyone can you help tell me if

1024Mb (2x512Mb) Dual Channel DDR400 Matched Memory is ECC or non ECC

I have a code off the memory which is

N2DS25680CT-5T Or M2U51264DS8HC3G-5T

  Why wont it work 13:15 24 Mar 2007

Well if the RAM comes from a home pc it's almost certainly got non ECC ram. If it comes from a workstation pc, server or a pc with an AMD Opteron or Intel Xeon processor it could well be ECC.

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