DDR 3200 Ram on Gigabyte MoBo

  POP 19:56 08 May 2003

I have just replaced my 7DXR MoBo with a 1.33 amd processor,and 512Mb of 2100 DDR ram, For a 7VAXP Ultra MoBo, 512Mb DDR PC3200 ram, and a 2400+ amd processor. The BSOD appears after about ten minutes with a different fault message each time saving the comp. from a fate worse than death. Replace the Ram with the 2100 and everything is fine. Any help would be thankfully received. POP

  jasg 20:08 08 May 2003

I am using the same motherboard with the same ram and processor configuration as you and have had no problems what so ever. What so you mean by BSOD?

  POP 20:33 08 May 2003

From POP To jasg. BSOD is Blue screen of death. What is your CK RATIO and SW1 set too? Please, POP

  jasg 20:45 08 May 2003

ok i have just taken my pc apart to check this so i hope its aprreciated! I have switch 1 set to off, the ck ratio switchs are all set to off which is the auto detect setting for the processor. switch one in the off position is for a front side bus of 266/333 in the on is 200 so yours should be off. let me know how you get on and if i can help further?

  POP 21:06 08 May 2003

Thanks jasg I do appreciate your efforts. My switches were as yours, so I am looking for something else. Perhaps Crucial where I bought the ram can help. Thanks for your help POP

  jasg 21:18 08 May 2003

yeah sounds to me that the memory is shot good luck, as a side note i bought the cheapest i could get think i paid about 2 x 35 for two 256mb modules, but i am very pleased with the motherboard to date its been the most reliable machine i have built to date had it about three months so far and touch wood not a single crash and thats on win 98 as well!

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