DDR 2100 V 3200???

  [DELETED] 19:56 28 Nov 2003

hi all,

thinking about getting some more ram for my system. I'm going to be undertaking some heavy 3d animation and video editing within the next 3 months, and lookiing to increase from 1Gb to 2gb.

I currently have 2x 512mb DDR2100 running in dual channel mode.

my motherboard will support upto DDR3200 speed.

so what i'm asking is what do you think will be better 1Gb of 3200 or 2Gb of 2100?

I'm thinking 2Gb of 2100 as i'm thinking more ram over speed.

I could out stretch to 2GB of 3200 but then that leaves me with an empty pocket and 1Gb of DDR2100 floating around.

what do you think?

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  [DELETED] 13:38 29 Nov 2003

i've just read in toms hardware guide that filling my slots, memory slots on the motherboard that is, will actually slow down my system???

how can this be? It says if you read it hear click here that if lets say i have 4 banks and fill them each with (in my case) 512mb and run in dual channel mode it'll slow the whole thing down by like 3%???

Why would they make 4 banks if they're not meant to be filled?

"If you've filled all your memory banks, you'll generally have to increase the rate from one to two clock cycles to keep your system stable. Unfortunately, that will also impair performance by up to three percent."

what what and what???

  [DELETED] 16:39 29 Nov 2003

At the limits of performance, board design is as much an art as a science - so the answer to your question can only be that designers can't always design perfect boards (maybe for a variety of reasons).

  [DELETED] 19:33 29 Nov 2003

At a guess,the rate of data transfer needs slowing(one to two clock cycles...) as with the size being so large(2GB),the os "loses" bits of data.Puters are quite "fussy" with RAM,I have 3x512mb DDR 2700 from the same maker,yet I can only use two of them as one stick(tested)had a slightly lower bandwidth than the other two,which caused XP Home to crash/lockup every three days.On its own,this stick worked perfectly,yet adding either of the other two caused hassles.The difference in bandwidth between them was the ONLY thing I could find to identify them from each other,I cannot recall the exact difference but it was only 50mbs or so.

  [DELETED] 19:59 29 Nov 2003

by mixing different speeds of ram, it will run as fast as the slowest one, so by putting the 400mhz ram with the 266mhz, it will all run at 266mhz, a complete waste

  [DELETED] 00:59 30 Nov 2003

when it says that my RAM is running in 64bit mode what does that mean?

  [DELETED] 01:05 30 Nov 2003

Dual channel is just a new technology, that I am not bothering with...

It could turn out problematic...

Just use 1 stick of 1Gb if thats what you want, but if you want overkill 2Gbs then add another 1Gb Stick.

  [DELETED] 01:08 30 Nov 2003

Just read toms hardware guide....

But I think in a Home PC, there is NO need for 1Gb or above.

I run 2x 512Mb PC2700 kingston strips, and its fast enough for me. May be too much!!!!

You dont need anymore than that unless you plan to MAKE YOUR OWN quake 3. LOL


  [DELETED] 01:16 30 Nov 2003

more than 2 512mb sticks... like almost £300!!!more than twice as much.

i don't think it will be over kill....

I currently run 1Gb 2100 (2x512) in dual channel, and when rendering etc... i get around 160mb(ish) left for the rest of the system. Max maya premiere and photoshop each take up around 256mb just to run smoothly.

I don't believe 2gb is overkill. Just been consulting a mate who was in a similar situ, he's gone for more of a slower ram and says it's much better for this stuff than getting less of the faster ram. He said for games get the faster RAM around 1Gb of silky smooth play, but as i won't be playing games (much) i'll stick to work based system.

thanks anyway all....

  [DELETED] 01:22 30 Nov 2003

i use my 'home' pc as my work pc... i run XP pro OS as well as a few professional 3D rendering, video and image editing programs.

I'd love to sit and play games all day... but i just sit and make them.

Make a kind of quake game last year... turned out crap.... Back to the drawing board.

Making an interactive TV site at the moment for the NHS, you know when you press the Red button on your sky remote... *sigh*

Starting on a new project as well now. A interactive 3D physics teaching aid.... thats the best way to put it i think.

I'm not paying myself enough!!! :'(

Still new to the profession... but one day rodney... we'll be millionaires....

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