DDOS Attack advice/help

  ACOLYTE 11:27 27 Oct 2005

This is a little exerp from a convo i had with a chap who is getting this,it just explains what is happening,i was wondering if there is anyone who has any ideas how to help or stop this.

just to give you a global overview of what's happening
we're getting attacked by something that is called a "DDoS", a Distributed Denial of Service attack
that means that one user has access to hundreds and possibly thousands of computers to send us useless information and choke up our internet connection
the DDoS we got reached 2.4 GBPS, so each second that passed, 2.4 gigs of information was sent to our server
there is nothing we can really do to prevent this
as there are far too many IPs that are sending us information to block them
and even if we do block, the information still reaches the server
what was done about it for now is
the datacenter where our servers are hosted -nullrouted- our servers

So,i have no idea what to tell the guy to help,anyone?They have stopped the attacks by nullrouting the servers but the attacks continue when they are put back online.
Can s1 have that many PC's they can do this.

  ACOLYTE 19:06 27 Oct 2005

been resolved thx)

  bretsky 21:01 27 Oct 2005


bretsky ;0)

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