DDE Server Application error.

  ribo 21:55 30 Apr 2005

Hello. I hope someone will be able to help me here.
When I open and run Photoshop CS,it seems to be working OK. but when I close the program,I get the following message,
"DDE Server Windows Photoshop.exe application error.
The instructions at oX5780301a referred memory at oxo1f22f98.The memory could not be "read".
Click ok to terminate the prog."
When I click ok I get another message which reads "Runtime error 216 @ 5780301a"
I have been trying to find an answer to my problem on Google and Windows own help and also Photoshops help.
I am running XP Home SP 2. I have AVG,-A Squared.-Sybot S & D and Adaware Plus M/S beta Spyware.
I have run additional free scans and I have just installed and run"RegFix" at a costly sum of 43$.
I have also unistalled and reinstalled P/S.
Any help will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks. Ribo

  Iron Maiden 22:08 30 Apr 2005

I wouldn't worry to much, What is happening here is, when you close the program, it is trying access a area of memory that either doesn't exist or is allready occupied. Its usually cache memory or a pagefile address that is invalied. There is nothing wrong with your system or Photoshop, it may be other programs or services are trying accessing this area at the same time. I get the same on my pc at work using highend image editing software. perhaps you could try increasing the size of your pagefile this worked for me. or some more real memory

  ribo 22:17 30 Apr 2005

Thank you very much for your reply.Can you tell me how to increase the size of my page file?please
I have 1024 Ram,so I do not think this is the problem.
I cannot understand why it has just started doing this,I cannot recall doing anything different except installing a critical windows update. Which does not seem to have a number,but it was something to do the Nvidia.As it was critical I installed it.

  Iron Maiden 21:52 04 May 2005

unistall the update,see if problem goes. Graphics drivers are not normally critical and don't come down with automatic updates, only if you pick them, also all windows updates have a number .it could be a graphic memory error instead of normal or page memory
I am waiting for some info of a friend with regards to various fixes if they exist

  ribo 16:19 05 May 2005

Thank you so much for your help so far.
I cannot understand or explain How I installed the 2 Windows downloads. I do not have Auto. download.I have it set to tell me when there are any critical available. I got the message to say there were 2 and I clicked to install them. They do not have no's as usual and I do not seem able to uninstall them. They are to do with NVidia Sound, so perhaps they have nothing to do with my Application error.
I found the page file and increased the size,but it did not make any difference.
Someone says it is a kernel fault and there is nothing I can do.unless I want to reformat.
What I cannot understand,as I said before,is why ithas just started. Do you know anything about kernel faults and what could have created this error.
I realize I can still use P/S and I thank you for your reassurance.I am still puzzled and would like to get to the bottom of it. Any further help will be appreciated. Thanks again.

  Iron Maiden 07:41 06 May 2005

don't think its a kernal error, but i may be wrong if it is, its a wipe & reinstall. DDE stands for dynamic data exchange. its a method by which programs can share data.(not the images, system files dll's etc) somewhere along the line, data used by photoshop is being referenced by another program or vice versa, one or both of these is not releasing its link correctly. could be virus or spyware software that is running in the background turn off all that you can dissconect from net before turning off virus/firewall
run photoshop see if closes ok, if not something is corupt & you may be best doing a clean reinstall of windows, if its ok start programs that normally run all the time one at a time see which if any causes the problem to reoccur. if none of this works you could go back through system restore points to find one that is ok
(I assume your on xp)

  ribo 10:33 06 May 2005

How can I thank you enough. You have solved my problem.
As instructed by you I started closing,one by one,all the virus and spyware software. I did not get very far. a² is the problem. As soon as I shut down the guard (I have the pro.version.) Photoshop closed with no error. I have since added P/S to the IDS Exclusions,so I still have the guard.
Thank you so much for your time and trouble.J

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