dbx files

  clarky8325 18:07 16 Nov 2003

can dbx files be imported into oe6 easily (xp pro)?

  powerless 18:10 16 Nov 2003

Tools, Options..., Maintenance, Store folder.

Copy to that store folder.

  Gongoozler 18:14 16 Nov 2003

Hi clarky8325. Yes as long as they are e-mail dbx files (there are others such as AutoCad files). You must make sure that they have the Folders.dbx with them because this tells Outlook Express how to decompress the files. You make sure that all the files are in one folder, and then import them via File - Import - Messages. If, however, you just want to read some old e-mail messages, then you can use the simple stand-alone utility DBXtract click here

  clarky8325 18:19 16 Nov 2003

do i (from the cd with dbx files)

1)copy my dbx files to the hard drive and point oe there


2)copy dbx files into local settings/ blah blah/identity

  clarky8325 18:24 16 Nov 2003

using import > the wizard then asks which application to import from. the dbx files i have are on cd??

  temp003 02:52 17 Nov 2003

Both methods will work. However, copying the dbx files directly to the new machine's Local Settings\...\Outlook Express folder will overwrite any existing emails.

Importing the files via Outlook Express itself will keep the existing emails.

With either method, copy the dbx files from the CD to the hard drive. Then right click the files, select Properties, and untick the Read Only box and click OK. You must do this, otherwise you'll get an error message when you try to read your email in OE. If the dbx files are already in a folder on the CD, just copy the entire folder to the hard drive, and right click folder, Properties, untick Read Only, click Ok, and select apply changes to all subfolders and files and click OK.

With the Import method, you need to put all the dbx files into a folder first (if not already within a folder). So create a folder on the hard drive and move the dbx files into the folder.

Then open OE, click File, Import, Messages, and when asked which email program to import from, choose Outlook Express 6 (this is the correct option for dbx files, even if the original messages were stored in OE5). Click Next. Then select Import mail from an OE6 store directory. Click OK. Then browse to the folder which you have created to put the backed up dbx files. Click Next, and follow the prompts.

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