Dazzle DVC 150 Video Capture/Moviestar 5 Problem

  Ben Avery (Work) 15:00 14 Apr 2003


I recently bought the Dazzle DVC 150 to capture some of my VHS video's and burn them as VCD's / SVCD's but I'm having some trouble with the Moviestar 5 software. I have applied all the updates that are available.

I can capture video from my VCR using a Scart to Left/Right/Video RCA lead (Red/White/Yellow) and the capture seems to go ok. When the video is captured it shows as saved on my HDD. I captured an episode of Red Dwarf (27 mins) as a SVCD which clocked in at around 750MB(!) and also as a VCD (between 300-400MB). Once the video is captured, according to the instruction manual, I should be able to simply edit it using Moviestar 5 and burn it to VCD/SVCD using the same software package.

The problem is that, although the file shows in the "Captured" folder of MS5, no editing features are available! The software is supposed to run a "drag & drop" feature too so I tried that also. No matter how you open the file, the video plays but cannot be edited.

When I open the file using MS5, it autoplays in the editing window, but all of the functions are greyed out. I guess this is because the file is actually being played, and the only button that is "active" (not greyed out) is the "Stop" button. If you press the "Stop" button, it stops and the file returns to the "Captured" file! You just keep going round in circles.

As the file will not "open" for editing, nothing can be burnt to VCD or SVCD.

I tried playing the Files in Windows Media Player 9 and they played fine - very good quality and sound was excellent too. I figured I'd be able to use my Nero Burning Rom software to burn the movie clip to VCD but it ends up re-encoding it (the 750MB file took 2 hours to re-encode!) as it was not a valid VCD format.

However, although the picture quality came out fantastic on my DVD player, there was no sound, despite there being sound when played in WMP9.

The questions!:

1. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong with Moviestar 5?

2. Is there another way I can encode from the format it saves in (MPEG 1 or MPEG 2) to something which will work with Nero and not lose the sound?

3. Is there any other capture/editing software that would work well for me using the DVC 150 as the source?



  MichelleC 16:04 14 Apr 2003

I can't help you much as I don't use that prog. But I do know of many unhappy people who use the Dazzle. In order for your prog to see the file it should have been converted from analogue to dv (avi). All I can offer is some links which may help: click here click here click here

  dogtrack 16:04 14 Apr 2003

Speaking for myself I am not too keen on Moviestar 5. Found it very problematic when I tried it about a year ago, like your self. What you could do is try a selection of movie editors from magazine covers. But avoid the budget end of Pinnacle, they too are problematic. Ulead seem to be the most stable. For my part I use Ulead DVD Movie factory, which has VCD and SVCD capability. Good job really, seeing as I dont have a DVD burner (yet!). The only snag I had with it was that it wouldn't recognise my CD burner(TORiSAN). The way round that was to render the movie with Ulead and then use a seperate burning prog to create the disk. EZCD in my case, which did recognise the burner.

  Ben Avery (Work) 16:52 14 Apr 2003

Ulead DVD Movie Factory

I have an AsusTek CRW5224A which is quite new so may not recognise that either - still, will it capture from my DVC ok?

  dogtrack 17:03 14 Apr 2003

Certainly should.

  dogtrack 17:09 14 Apr 2003

a couple of sites you might find helpful.....
click here click here

  pj123 19:05 14 Apr 2003

I have just been given Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge to try out and report back. I haven't tried it yet as my VHS Recorder is 30ft away from my PC.

In view of what has been posted, should I bother? Or just return it and say "No thank you"?


  dogtrack 08:19 15 Apr 2003

Nothing to lose by trying it. Haven't used it myself, so can't pass comment on its ability. You only need to sit your Video recorder on a chair at the side of your PC...have fun.

  Ben Avery (Work) 08:56 15 Apr 2003

Last night, after printing out a 63 page document on "How to Edit using Moviestar 5" I got the thing working.

Despite the alleged "drag and drop" feature, the program only allows editing if you drop the video clip into the storyboard layout at the bottom of the screen!

The editing seems pretty good on itso I'll give it a shot.

I'm a little curious about the type of files though - as I've never done Video editing before I'm a little confused as to the best format to save as. I'll open a new thread on this later on though and resolve this one. If you do lot's of editing, maybe you'll be good enough to post to my new thread when I do it.

I'll post a link here also.

Thanks all


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