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Day on taskbar since Windows 10 update

  wildhouse 09:17 15 May 2020

Since my PC updated Windows 10 yesterday my taskbar is bigger and instrusive. I don't want to completely remove the taskbar as I use icons on it, but the day has been added to the date which is making the taskbar a line taller. I can't find any way to remove it - dragging the taskbar down doesn't work, it will only drag up. Any help appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:25 15 May 2020
  wildhouse 11:16 15 May 2020

Hi Fruit Bat Unfortunately I am not getting these options. I have two sign-ins so I have just tried the other one which is my Admin one and strangely Windows hasn't updated the date on that one - it doesn't show the day. I have gone in via the Control Panel and can see that I am set up as DD MMMM YYYY so the day shouldn't be showing, but it is!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:43 15 May 2020

in setting go into region and change it there.

  wildhouse 15:47 15 May 2020

Hi. That's where I have the info from. The short date is set up as dd/MM/yy and the long date as dd MMMM yyyy. I can find no option to remove the day of the week. My settings appear to be different to your link.

  x13 16:30 15 May 2020

Try this- with the taskbar unlocked, open task manager and under Processes tab scroll down to Windows Explorer, right click and select restart. Once it has restarted see if you can shrink the taskbar and lock it again.

  wildhouse 19:29 15 May 2020

Hi. Have tried that but unfortunately I still can't drag the taskbar down. I presume it is because the day adds an extra line. I presume the only way I can reduce the taskbar height is to remove the day but I have searched everyway and cannot find a way to remove it. It's really annoying as the taskbar is now 1.5cm high - quite intrusive.

  Fred 20:25 15 May 2020

I once had something similar Go to

Settings Personalisation Taskbar

Use small taskbar buttons is ON

  wildhouse 21:08 15 May 2020

Thanks for the suggestion. Just tried that but the buttons get smaller and task bar remains the same height!

  wildhouse 21:28 15 May 2020

I persevered with my research and someone within the Microsoft Community has the answer! 'Unlock the Task Bar then right click on a spare space in the System Tray within the right hand side of the Task Bar and a tall menu comes up. Then hover on View (right at the top) and choose Small Icons. Remember to lock the Task Bar afterwards. The Task Bar is thin again!. Thanks all for your suggestions.

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