Daughter requires Laptop. Advice welcome.

  Kev.Ifty 20:24 08 Jul 2016

Hello. Need some advice regarding buying a new laptop for my little Ifty. She will be going to University this year and needs a new Laptop. Here on PCA they reviewed A HP one. Which I've seen on Amazon at a decent price. I would welcome any advice regarding a good, but inexpensive one.


click here Amazon this one is £224.

click here


  lotvic 00:17 09 Jul 2016

See what the other students have / want / diss etc thestudentroom.co.uk click here

  simonjary 08:48 09 Jul 2016

Best budget laptops reviewed by PC Advisor here.

  Kev.Ifty 19:33 09 Jul 2016

Many thanks for your replies lotvic and simonjary. However, Mrs Ifty has bought a £400 laptop from PC World whilst I was at work.


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