Date and Time wont stay set

  DAKAR 16:10 05 Nov 2011

Hi all A question from my friend who is an elderly gent,he is running XP and finds in the last few weeks his date and time wont stay set,sometimes reverting to 2002 and time at 00.00 he reads the papers on line and he says he doesn't get the right days papers,he says he alters the time and date but it wont stay set. Any Ideas that I can help him with please Thanks Kind regards Dakar

  rawprawn 16:21 05 Nov 2011

It sounds as though his CMOS battery needs replacing

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:23 05 Nov 2011

CMOS battery has gone flat

Don't pay PCworld prices you can get them alot cheaper from places like Wilkinsons.

CMOS Battery

once fitted the date and time will need to be set in BIOS and Windows which will probably update itself after connecting to the net

  The Old Mod 16:23 05 Nov 2011

Same, CMOSbattery.

  rawprawn 16:24 05 Nov 2011
  DAKAR 16:29 05 Nov 2011

Thanks rawprawn Where is this battery located.and are they different types? I will get one and replace it for him,and once I have done that is there anything I need to do or just boot up? Thanks very much for prompt reply as usual. Regards Dakar

  DAKAR 16:37 05 Nov 2011

Thanks everyone CMOS battery it is then, Regards Dakar

  rawprawn 16:40 05 Nov 2011

You can't miss the battery it's in the mother board and easy to see. Just follow the instructions, you need a CR2032 battery. I got the last one from an ordinary electrical store. You should really make a note of all the BIOS settings, but if you just boot they will all reset to default.

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