Date format

  pcdimwit 09:25 22 Dec 2003

Know little about scripts - help requested.

Using 'last modified' script to show when web page was last updated.

It works OK except for US style date format MM/DD/YY, ie, 9/11/03 = 11th September 03.

Is there a simple way to revert to UK format DD/MM/YY, ie, 9/11/03 = 9th November 03.

  Taran 10:44 22 Dec 2003

I'm assuming that you're using a JavaScript to display the information.

Rather than me giving you a load of instructions on modifying the document.write properties within the script you are using, here are links to a couple of alternatives that display in UK date format:

click here

click here

  pcdimwit 11:42 22 Dec 2003


Look like two very good solutions for the problem.

I will also browse the sites for help on other subjects.

Very useful.


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