Date in digital photos + Is this really SNOW?

  Sapins 09:59 27 Feb 2004

Hi all,

For some reason unbeknown to man my camera changed the date to 2002. This morning I took some photos of a very unusual occurrence, we have had AT LEAST 5CM of snow here in the S/W of France, this is the third time in 14yrs, definitely global warming! I have not heard one vehicle pass by this morning, this has brought the area to a standstill.

Now to my question. Is there any way in which I can change the date which shows when you hover the mouse over photos?

  Sapins 10:01 27 Feb 2004

It is STILL snowing, please e-mail food parcels :-)

  Gongoozler 10:30 27 Feb 2004

Hi Sapins. I don't know about the date when you hover the mouse cursor over photos, but if you view a photo in Irfanview (with the plugins installed) and click on the I button, you get the option to view the Exif information that is embedded in the jpg file. This information includes the date, time and camera settings.

  Pesala 10:41 27 Feb 2004

Properties Plus (281 K) click here Time/Datestamp editor XP compatible

  Stormpool 11:05 27 Feb 2004

Last day today that I could get TAX for my car, for the start of March. I have a WHOLE 30mins to race into town to the post office at lunch to get this done!

I have been putting this off all week as I had been busy, and heck why do today what you can do tomorrow.

The snow ALMOST taught me a lesson, luckily for me the main roads are clear and so I can into town without too much hassle. If the roads were full of snow, I would never have made it there and back to work in time :o/ !

  Sapins 13:06 27 Feb 2004

Hi Gongoozler I haven't got irfanview but I have downloaded Properties Plus, thanks for that Persala, and I can change the date etc: now properties shows the amended date but funnily enough when I hover the mouse on the photo it still says the date is 2002! Have I missed something Persala?

Hi Stormpool,hope you got your car tax, we don't pay any here (just to make you jealous). It's stopped snowing now and already it's beginning to melt, so I should be able to replenish our wine stock as planned later today, might buy some luxuries like food as well ;-).

Thanks for all your help guys, much appreciated,



  Pesala 13:36 27 Feb 2004

Irfan View 3.85 (855 K + 4.2 Mbytes for plug-ins) click here A must have tool for anyone working with graphics.

Learn more here: click here

  Sapins 13:55 27 Feb 2004

Thanks for the link Persala, I have downloaded Irfan View and will peruse it later.


  Sapins 15:09 27 Feb 2004

Persala - Irfan View will not load, it sent the computer into safe mode. I have deleted it and downloaded it again, same problem. Have you had any problems with it?


  Smiler 15:19 27 Feb 2004

Can't help with date but can you explain how global WARMING accounts for the SNOW you have?

  Stormpool 15:31 27 Feb 2004

Lucky you no tax!

Weather was ok, sun melted pretty much all the snow, but the post office queues! pah! I was 10mins late getting back to work..

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