"Date created" file property

  HenryVII 12:08 09 Apr 2010

I opened a folder of *.jpg files in Explorer and noticed that the Date Created column is blank for some of them, although it can be seen in the properties panel for the individual files. Anyone got any ideas?

  Diemmess 12:12 09 Apr 2010

Sorry if too simplistic:
Are you sure you are listing as "Detail" rather than "List"?

  HenryVII 12:17 09 Apr 2010

Yes, and I have added the "Date Created" column to the list. All the files have a Date Created value, but it is not displayed in the detail for some.

  HenryVII 12:55 09 Apr 2010

I think I have the answer - Explorer's details pane will not display Creation Dates earlier than 1/1/80. Can anyone confirm this?

  Chas49 13:48 09 Apr 2010


I can't confirm your findings but I believe you have it correct.

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