Date Created - Date Modified

  The Sweeper 13:18 08 Dec 2006

In Win Explorer why do some files show that they were modified before they were creatted. B....y confusing!

  anskyber 14:37 08 Dec 2006

It could well be because yoour "view" settings are set that way. go to view, arrange icons by. and see.

  The Sweeper 14:47 08 Dec 2006

....ANSKYBEAR but I am not talking about the column order, it's the date attached to the details. How can you modify a file before you've created it?

  anskyber 14:51 08 Dec 2006

view, choose details

  The Sweeper 14:55 08 Dec 2006

...perhaps I am not explaining clearly. I have many files that show that they were modified before they were created i.e. Created 08/12/06
Modified 05/07/06. Hope that's clearer.
How can you possibly modify a file BEFORE you have created it?

  anskyber 15:00 08 Dec 2006

No, its me being thick. A very good question, I have checked mine and they are OK, very odd.

  anskyber 15:02 08 Dec 2006

I tell a lie, I have the same issue some files modified before they were created.

  Simsy 15:06 08 Dec 2006

but if a file is created, then modified, then copied and pasted to a new location, this "new" file will have the latest date as it's creation moment...

but it will inherently know when it, (i.e. the original) was last modified, so displays that.

I haven't tested this theory!



  anskyber 15:07 08 Dec 2006

I think I may, just may have an answer. One of my files was modified 8 months earlier than I created it.

In the case of the file (an address card made in publisher) I chose to move it to my documents. The result is the file created in my documents was post dated the time the address card was modified in publisher. if that makes sense?

  Legslip 15:18 08 Dec 2006

Think you have found the answer. To do with copying files to another location. If you have duplicate files in different folders then this illogical dating seems to occur. Well done!

  anskyber 15:23 08 Dec 2006

Are yoou schizophrenic?!!! :-))

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