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  NotVeryTechie 11:44 05 Aug 2008

Hi there

I wonder if anyone can help with this. I am looking for companies that have database solutions or can create one, in the Southeast of England. The solution I need is one that can handle e-Commerce (so would need to dovetail with our website) and can be used for marketing as well as administration of contact with clients over a period of time. We don't have a big budget. I have tried searching on Google, but am not getting very far. I would also look at an existing solution that could be adapted, but it would need to be properly adaptable for our needs. We provide in-house and distance learning training.

  Newuser38 09:20 06 Aug 2008

I dont know if this is the sort of thing you are looking for. click here or if it fits in your budget or is to big. I have not used it apart from a trial I looked at some years ago, I suspect you could still get a trial version but you would probably have to set it up yourself. They are not based in the SE but probably have agents.

Have you thought about MS Acess or the Open Office equivalent agent you would have to do the set up yourself. It is not so difficult.

  Newuser38 09:21 06 Aug 2008

sorry 'agent' should be again.

  NotVeryTechie 16:04 06 Aug 2008

Thanks! Will have a good look at it.

I am really struggling to search for this. Because we are a training company, every time I try a search string in Google, I come up with companies offering training in databases, rather than database solutions for a training company! Any ideas?

  Forum Editor 18:38 06 Aug 2008

that you'll need to handle this in more than one way. Perhaps if you can tell me what the e-commerce needs will be I can be more helpful - what exactly are you going to be selling, and to whom?

  NotVeryTechie 09:17 07 Aug 2008

Hi there

We are a training company, so we take course bookings and enquiries from the site, we also sell a number of books related to the training. We use the database to send out mailers, catalogues, email mailers and to do various bits of analysis on bookings, etc. It is a complex site and as the company is small we don't have a bit budget, so building a new solution may be too expensive. We are currently using a pre-existing solution that has been 'adapted' for our use, but it is not very good and I am looking for anything that could replace it. One of the reasons that I want a company based in the southeast is that we have a problem with support from our supplier - they are not all that keen to travel from the north to sort out problems.

As I said above, searching google has been pointless because I keep getting results for training, not for training companies. I would be happy to even look at some other solutions to see what other people are doing to give me an idea of the scope and the possibilities.

Any help would be appreciated.

  Forum Editor 19:08 07 Aug 2008

is an easy one to solve - you can simply use one of the dozens of shopping cart products on the market. It will integrate with your existing website, and look after itself, all you need to do is create the product and services catalogue, and configure the payment side of things - you can use PayPal for credit card transactions if you don't have an online merchant status with the card providers.

The mailings can be handled separately, via a mailing list handler like this one click here

Perhaps I'm being too simplistic, and you'll tell me if I am, but unless you have some special considerations in terms of the way you want to sell or communicate with your customers I think you'll find this isn't as difficult as you may have thought.

  NotVeryTechie 14:51 13 Aug 2008

Our situation is actually a lot more complicated than that. We record the bookings and send out confirmations, etc from the database. We also have a Distance Learning section that is administered via the database. The bookings feed in to the marketing activity and we similarly need to list the marketing activity and responses on the database.

I have tried searching, but the only provider with kind of solution I can find is the one we already use. We are about to do a major upgrade and I would like to get some pitches from other providers before going with this. Or even just looking at other solutions may give me an idea of what is possible and I may decide that building a bespoke solution is best. I just can't find any solutions using search engines.

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