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  FOEYDO 18:17 13 Feb 2006

Hi, Im an estate agent looking for some help in creating a database for my clients. I want to be able to add all my clients details into a database and say I am looking for all those interested in 1 bedroom apartments I can search for contacts looking for 1 bedrooms, or 2 bedrooms etc Can I do this with Microsoft access? At the moment I have to go through a long list of every client to find the right peoplre.
Help Thanks Foeydo

  FOEYDO 18:29 13 Feb 2006

I need a searchable database in other words.

  octal 18:41 13 Feb 2006

Yes you can do that in access. Once you have built the database you can start running queries to find the information you like.
We have an Access database at work for 4000 items of equipment and we can virtually find anything we like very easily.

Have a look in the Help files it does explain it all in there.

  FOEYDO 19:03 13 Feb 2006

hi octal, thanks for your help. could u give me some help and tips please i have never done this before? thanks foey

  VoG II 19:06 13 Feb 2006
  octal 19:11 13 Feb 2006

VoG™'s links are very good, they should help you.

Just one question, what format is your present database, if its in word you might be able to import it into Access, I haven't tried that but you might be able to and save yourself some work.

  Access genu 19:20 13 Feb 2006

you will first have to sort out your entities



you will need more than this, think about the queries that you want to return. flat semi etc.
From this you should be able to build a set of relational tables.

once the tables are built then it should only be a short step to producing the forms etc.

  FOEYDO 08:55 14 Feb 2006

my present details are in outlook express sorted into folders with clients name.
i really need some simple step by step help. do i start a blank database and put my own fields in ie name flat or house etc... I have never used access before

  beynac 09:42 14 Feb 2006

I suggest that you read all you can about Access and databases in general. Start with something straightforward, such as a simple address book database. Use this to gain knowledge on database structure, queries and the use of forms. I can send you a basic example of one if you send me your email address (click on yellow envelope).

You will need several tables to achieve what you need. Think about what information you want to store and, more importantly, what questions you will be asking the database.

  FOEYDO 09:53 14 Feb 2006

I have managed to creat a database but when I try to insert info it says fieldsize is not permitted, its whne I try to add an address with numbers and letters, it will add letters only!!Help

  Rand Al Thor 10:00 14 Feb 2006

Can you tell us what are the data types for the fields in your tables?

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