Data Xfer 98SE to XP

  Gugs 23:20 29 Jul 2004

Our son has had his PC (professionally)upgraded including a new HDD with XP (only the OS)installed. Intending to transfer all data etc from the old HDD (OS 98SE,or possibly ME) fitted as slave.
Apparently not all of his data files and programmes can be copied to the new disk. Are we expecting too much or is there something e.g. drivers needing upgrading for XP,or FAT32 to NTFS that we have overlooked?.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:28 29 Jul 2004

In the situation you have, it would have been better installing the new HDD as slave drive and installing XP as an upgrade to the os your son had (98SE or ME) you then would have had XP as your os and still have access to all the programs on the drive....TT

  LastChip 23:31 29 Jul 2004

When a program installs, invariably, it writes certain information to the registry. You can't therefore, just copy the program files and expect them to work. They wont. You need to reinstall the programs from their original CD's and confirm they will work in XP.

As far as data files are concerned, there shouldn't be a problem with them, providing you have the appropriate program in XP to open them. They should however copy across without any problem. If they are program dependent, for example data files for something like Quicken, you must install the program first, and then import the files into the program.

Is this what you meant?

  THE TERMINATOR 23:31 29 Jul 2004

What you can do is swap the drives back over, and follow the instructions above. When you have installed XP on the old drive you can then format the new one....TT

  Gugs 09:21 30 Jul 2004

Thanks all.

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