Data Transfer Rates

  Sebire 13:05 22 Oct 2007

The situation i'm faceing now is data tranfer rates in an unuinified archetecture. CD ROM x56 DVDx32 an Virtual drive and silent partion. But which HD Format.......
It has come to my attention during my extensive editing that there are huge differences expected of different types of operating environment. The format's at present competeing are Blue Ray at 50GB, HDDVD (Uncompressed 1.3) 25GB, and the new HDVMD 30GB. Blue ray is so much techically supperior it isnt even a format war. HD at 16:9, 25fps (bitmapped and upsambled) 50Mbs at present data transfer rate. All surpass themselves. Even video (MPEG-4) at 40GB still leaves you with 10GB for your DDEX or DTS96/24 7.1 sourround sound tracks. Blue ray has one problem at the momment which is not able to correct at presnt in the fact that its actual data throughput at present 56Mb's is still not finialised yet.1080i or 1080p @100hz, are now preceded by HD 1080ip HDMI1.3 DDHD and DTSHD but there is no way to compare the data transfer rate to the finialised spec set between the repective corporations because the ISO wont release a virtual drive in the format even to it's employeed network administrators. The spec's circulating suggest the 300GB Blueray sony branded TuffDisc (Acheived with magnetic and stactic resistance) using 8 layers can burnt at present 8x including multiseesion and seurerom facilies. The anticipated jurassic park 4 will reach 60Mbs data transfer rate and this is the continuing problem. There must be a way to ecode in hdmi 1.3, 25fps, 16:9, 100Mhz, 44.100Khs 7.1 without out any compression so that the data rate stays at 40MBs per second, all the time. With what i've attempted so far bypassing the ecryption even in vista is that if you do modify the rate to compensate for the encryption is to convert it. But if a physical backup is made the to be played at the rate removes all the main problems with have with processing it. Sony stuio Vegas is the only software that will read it as a blueray because its another form of drm.
Another reason a ISO virtual drive would really needed to bypass this. It's if sumed up like the different speeds of records 24bps 52bps ect, once modifyied only a player of theat speed will read it. HD if unecrypted/compressed is also region locked even in home use. Dta/Video/Audio ect. Will somebody tell me if at HD 100MBs Would mean it was backwards comptibale with previous speeds?

  DieSse 14:58 22 Oct 2007

I'm sorry - but I find what you have written virtually incomprehensible.

Are you asking about specifications and products that aren't even released?

  Technotiger 15:03 22 Oct 2007
  Sebire 16:36 22 Oct 2007


Not currently in retail but in production and avaliable.

I trade in technologies internationaly and i'm trying to select a few more types to import, then export.

I'm building another computer specificaly for video editing so I really only want the latest stable components. The maxium resouloutions and frames per second / "quality settings" are an illustration of the Gb's and Mb's reqired for hdmi 1080 to perform smoothly, 62gb solid state drives, if you transfer a blue ray.iso to it, it doesnt matter if the the film reaches 100Mbs data throughput it was still suffer no playback problems because of the access times they have.

(I re-edit dvds into other films for fun, jurassic park 4 (dvd.iso) i did quite well at doing recently. Another one of my edits has been downloaded over 800.000 times.Scarface with an alternative ending and soundtrack is what i want to make in HD using this my next computer. using those specifications above)
For personal use only though and not for a commercial use.
The selection of the hardware that allows me to do this, 1080i, efficiently as possible is what i'm trying to find out about.

  Diemmess 17:01 22 Oct 2007

Is Hyperdrive 4 the sort of thing you are looking for? click here

  Sebire 18:06 22 Oct 2007

I enclose a link to one of the items in question with 300!Mbs
At present max is 60mbs, that extra bandwith could be used by a different codec supeirour to current 1080i one.

Please check the link to the item:

click here+(Internal)&utm_name=IBM+Solid+State+Drive+2.5+inch+15.8GB+Serial+ATA+(Internal)

  cream. 19:05 22 Oct 2007

" I enclose a link to one of the items in question with 300!Mbs "

Thats the maximum transfer rate through the small ammount of cache the hard drive isn't it? The susutained rate will be a lot slower. It says it's SATA 150 interface yet has a max transfer rate of 300MB/s, thats SATA300 speeds. SATA 150 usually settles to a sustained rate of around 40 -50MB/s

So what are you looking for, devices with a high sustained transfer rate in 2.5" format?

How about a 60MB/s seagate momentus click here

or a

3.5" 75MB/s raptor click here

  Sebire 20:09 22 Oct 2007

300mb's per second per second read and write access times. There are 400mbs models around yes, but I wouldnt trust their components production process though if their manufactured in batch's.

IBM's model i'm sure will also fit into a ps3, so it 2.5'. I'm also after the 3.5' for a mid tower system. All of this doesnt matter really, because i intend to use only a 32gb for my files and use 4GB of 2.2Mhz memmory with xp's core components forced to run from within it. This will be my ideal editing studio i think.

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