Bonzy 11:27 11 Aug 2004

Hello all. I've got a new pc and therefore have to migrate from Win 95 to 98. On the old 95 pc, documents are in Word Perfect; the 98 has only Word2000. I have transferred the WPerfect files from the 95 pc to the 98 pc and managed to open them using Word 98 ok. Now I notice that the former WPerfect files dont look quite right in Word: some lines are missing, 1 page files now span 2 pages, text is wrapped over to the next line etc. Could someone tell me what's going on?
The old pc was set to 16 colour,640 by 480 pixels, the new is set to High colour 16bit. Could this have caused all the difference? It appears I have to reconstruct all the files. What do you think? Please help. Thanx.

  johnsims 11:31 11 Aug 2004

Why not reinstall Word Perfect on the new machine and use that for your old docs and Word for creating new ones.

What you are seeing will be the difference in the default margin. header, footer, gutter etc settings between Word and WP. There is a conversion prog somewhere within MS Office, it may exist within your Word prog but I am not sure.

  cga 11:32 11 Aug 2004

Word will open wordperfect files but, when I converted (a long time ago), I never found a way to make exactly format the document in the same way.

I bit the bullet and just updated the formatting of those documents I needed.

The other option is to try to install WP on your new system for the old documents (run in compatibility mode). Not tried this but, if you can get the install to work, it should be OK.

  cga 11:36 11 Aug 2004

sorry for the overlap. you type faster than I do.

Your point about defaults is a good one. It might be possible to solve this by :-

a) Open 1 WP document

b) Fiddle with the margins etc. until it is right

c) save the template as MYWP.DOT

d) Use this template on other WP docs you open.

  johnsims 11:41 11 Aug 2004

Hey, no-one has ever accused me of typing quickly before! Thanks, I feel quite smug. lol

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