Data Transfer

  cearve 22:25 28 Aug 2003

To save re-installing data how can I transfer the contents of a hardrive on a computer running Windows 98 to another which will be running Windows ME. Will I need to install Milennium first or will the transfer also install '98, then I upgrade to ME later.

  jazzypop 22:36 28 Aug 2003

There are many different ways that you could do this. Some of the factors to consider are -

1. Are you confident enough to remove and reinstall a hard drive?

2. Will you have access to both PCs at the same time?

3. How much data do you need to transfer?

4. By data, do you mean the documents that you have produced and /or saved (e.g. Word documents, spreadsheets, MP3s etc), or the programs (such as Microsoft Office) as well?

5. Can you network the 2 PCs?

If you can answer the above, we can help narrow down the many choics available.

  cearve 22:46 28 Aug 2003

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. About 1.5 Gb
4. Everything if possible including programmes and associated data files, and things like internet connections, antivirus programmes.
5. No

  jazzypop 22:56 28 Aug 2003

The simple method is to remove the drive and install it as a slave drive into the ME PC.

The 98 drive will be seen as dive D:, and you can simply copy files and folders across using Windows Explorer.

To copy installed programs is much more of a problem. There are a few complex and awkward ways to do this, but you are far better off simply reinstalling the programs to the ME PC from the original discs.

If you want to retain specific files for a program (e.g. the high-score table from a game), then copy the appropriate file from the folder on the 98 PC and place it into the equivalent folder on the ME PC, once you have re-installed the program.

To copy internet connections, copy the Dialup Networking connection (DUN) shortcut from your W98 PC to your ME PC.

To transfer emails etc, open Outlook (or Outlook Express), choose File > Export, before you remove the drive from the 98 PC. Copy the exported file across, and then use File > Import.

  cearve 22:59 28 Aug 2003

Thanks jazzypop, thats great, cheers.

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