Data Tape Drive

  Bob The Nob© 12:03 20 May 2004

HELP! Im building a copmuter and I have aquired a data tape drive but it wont work on my PC, The Bios can't detect it and the PC won't boot if its connected. I already have a CDROm and two hard drives installed so I need it slaved to a Hard drive but it won't boot from the hard drive or anything. HELP

Bob T Nob

  recap 12:09 20 May 2004

Do you have the latest driver for the drive?

  Bob The Nob© 12:14 20 May 2004

I can't boot into windows to even put a driver in, and if I put it in when windows is booted up it crashes

  rotate 12:29 20 May 2004

If this is what is called a DAT drive then you need a SCSI card. The DAT drive is then connected to the SCSI card and Windows will then pick it up. Usually you can pick up used SCSI cards on Ebay. Look for Adaptec PCI SCSI card.
You will then need software to run the backups/restores from your DAT drive. Again you may be able to pick this up from Ebay. Veritas backup/restore is a good one to have.

  €dstowe 12:50 20 May 2004

For all the trouble and expense this is likely to be, you would be better ditching this and getting an extra hard drive and an extra IDE controller.

Tape drives are really only suitable for backups. They are slow and cumbersome, especially with the large amounts of data you are likely to have with a modern Windows setup. They are also liable to failure due to the tape snapping.

With a reasonably modern computer backing up with Drive Image 7 to a hard drive, the whole process can be over in a few minutes (20 - 30). With a tape drive you can look at overnight or longer (with the ones I've have experience with).


  rotate 13:24 20 May 2004

I agree with edstowe. I have a DDS4 DAT drive on my computer which I use to back up and restore as necessary. I have this because of the work I do makes it necessary to back up folders and files overnight but for ordinary use of a PC it is a very expensive and slow way to go about backing up your system. It takes around 4 hours to back up 16GB of data using this method on my PC. On the other hand it can be a handy tool if you are patient enough with it slowness.

  Bob The Nob© 13:33 20 May 2004

What is ssci etc, all I want is to use my data tape drive, Do I have to have all these qwims and quarms on what I want to do, I want to use it for my uses what ever they are!

  rotate 13:47 20 May 2004

If you can confirm that what you have is a DAT drive then you will need a SCSI card.
A SCSI is a card that will slot usually into a PCI slot on your motherboard. You then connect a SCSI cable onto the card and at the back of your data drive. The SCSI cable should be supplied with the card.
A SCSI card new is very expensive but you can find them on ebay for around £15.
If you are running Windows XP a driver for the SCSI card is not necessary as XP will pick it up automatically.
You will need backup software to be able to perform backups and restores. Again software such as Veritas Backup can be found on ebay.

  €dstowe 14:12 20 May 2004

"Do I have to have all these qwims and quarms on what I want to do, I want to use it for my uses what ever they are!"

I was only trying to help you and prevent you wasting a lot of time and expense in something that is liable to be less than successful.

As things stand, I wish you all the success you deserve.

  Chronos 15:38 20 May 2004

i also go with €dstowe on this, tape drives were out in the time of windows 3.1 when the biggest drive was about half or one gb..the dustman should have taken it away years can get a nice little external drive now for a fair price, which will back up all that you have and more in a few minutes....

  €dstowe 16:56 20 May 2004

Stand by to be insulted.

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