data storage on a PDA

  mad1234 22:49 18 Nov 2007

i am looking at getting a PDA but i know nothing about them.
the thing i'm trying to find out is how much storage space a PDA has or do you have to store everything on an SD card or similar?
i am assuming that when the specs say 128MB memory it means RAM like on a pc. is this correct?

  ton 01:43 19 Nov 2007

My Ipaq 2210 is said to have 64MB memory. Some of this is used as ROM, leaving about 57MB for use.

Bearing in mind that PPC software is small, I find this quite adequate.

Also useful is the fact that most (not all) software can be installed to SD or Compact Flash cards. (My Ipaq has two card slots).

It is sensible and easy to do a complete backup to a flash card, you can then restore without the PC.

  mad1234 07:20 19 Nov 2007

thanks ton
but i don't think 128mb will go very far.
can you upgrade PDA's at all?

  laurie53 10:37 19 Nov 2007

I have 64 as well (Axim).

By upgrade I take it you mean memory, and I don't think it is, not on my model anyway.

There is no need since the cards are solid state and just as fast as internal memory. For instance GPS maps have to be stored on a card, and the response obviously has to be fast.

I have a 4 gig card and still have more than 2 gig free, after eighteen months of collecting the usual rubbish.

  mad1234 10:44 19 Nov 2007

so data is usually stored on a card & not on the PDA

  ton 11:47 19 Nov 2007

64 or 128MB is plenty of memory for a PDA.

Both data and programs can go on memory cards OR on internal memory.

The software and data for a PDA are much less bloated than on a PC.

  mad1234 15:59 19 Nov 2007

thanks guys for your advice. i now know what i need :)

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