Data Storage Discs & Windows Media Player 10

  AlanRLong50 11:29 22 Jan 2006

Hello and good morning. Although I have backed up all my cd collection onto an external hard-drive,I would like to have another back-up in the form of data storage discs. The main reason for this is I'm going to sell my cd collection. I've around 32,000 (legal) tracks playing for 1700 hours and taking up 139 Gbs space with each track being 'ripped' at 192Kbps. I would like to know 1) Can I copy both the music and the typed information such as artist/track/album/album title at the same time without having to do a mammoth retpying exercise? 2)I want to copy the tracks as recorded and not use sound compression but can it be done this way? 3)What type of data storage discs work best for music? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

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