s_whitie 16:19 06 Dec 2009

Hi hope someone can help.

I have been having problems with my desktop so I put all my pictures and music onto a spare laptop drive that I have connected via a usb port.

I have just gone to put the pictures back on my desktop today and I cannot get access to the drive at all and it is making a horrible rattling noise when it is connected!!

I take it that the hard drive is broken in someway but I need these photos off here, what are my options??

I'm devastated at the moment at the thought of losing ALL my pictures of my kids growing up!!


  Technotiger 17:11 06 Dec 2009

Did you simply copy your pics to the laptop drive? If so they may still be on the desktop drive - try this little program on the Desktop click here

Make a New Folder on the Desktop's desktop, then within the program Browse to that new folder as the Destination for any recovered pics.

  Mark_A_G 17:12 06 Dec 2009

Avoid starting and stopping your PC - sounds like a hardware fault? The disk may completely fail and then you're looking at specialist recovery. Search for "diskdigger" - it has a couple of settings, use the "dig deeper" and it should locate your files (depending on the disk being able to spin up). There's a preview mode so you can check if it's found your images - you'll prob find thousnds.... leave the PC running and recover all of them. Delete any unwanted.

  Mark_A_G 17:13 06 Dec 2009

Technotiger - excellent point.

  Diemmess 17:33 06 Dec 2009

I don't like to be one who offers only gloomy thoughts, but "making a horrible rattling noise when it is connected!!" - means (to me) the mechanical internal collapse of the spare drive and no way at all that ordinary mortals can access its contents.

There are professional data recovery firms but their costs are frightening.
You have to decide how much those lost photos are worth to you. Even then if there has been contact between the heads and the plattens the surface will be unreadable for at least part of the data stored.
More likely the motor drive to the read/write heads is having wrong signals and fluttering rather than finding an address.

To re-cap. This is a spare external usb drive, previously used with your laptop?

Have you tried it on more than one machine?
Can you take it out of its enclosure and connect directly as a secondary drive?
I ask this because ........
only last week I had to throw away a case which while showing all the right lights, flatly refused to allow its drive to spin up.
At least it was truly silent, but I hate the idea of the rattling noises you have, that means the end usually.

  canarieslover 18:42 06 Dec 2009

As a last resort you could try putting it in the freezer for a couple of hours. Wrap it in tissue and then seal it in a plastic bag to prevent moisture getting in. Couple it up as quickly as you can after taking it out of freezer and see if it will then read. It isn't guaranteed to work, but if all else fails, it is worth a try. I have recovered a drive long enough to get my data off using this method.

  s_whitie 20:03 08 Dec 2009

Thanks for your help so far.

Technotiger - I have downloaded and ran campicrestor and it has recovered some pictures but not all. I only deleated all the pictures from the desktop last week (terrible timing I know). Since then I have installed a lot of windowds updates and virus protection softwarre so would that have written itself over my deleated photos?

I have taken the laptop hard drive into pc world, £100 to attempt to recover the files! I wouldn't of paid it but I deperately need these photos back.

Luckily I can pull alot back from facebook, snapfish and other websites where we have uploaded pictures too but there will still be alot missing.

Any other ideas or help would be very very gratefully received.


  Graphicool1 14:49 09 Dec 2009

If your photos were in JPG format try this it's free...
click here

  Graphicool1 14:53 09 Dec 2009

It isn't for HDD's it's only for digital camera memory cards.

  kdt 10:57 28 Dec 2009

can't seem to find the forum replies how to register from the PCA cover disc? help welcomed

  Graphicool1 12:52 28 Dec 2009


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