data recovery advice please

  Bailey08787 17:25 09 Jul 2003

anybody recommend a reliable/affordable service?

I have been quoted £155 for the retrieval of data from an 80gig drive, but i'm wary of letting my drive into the hands of people who may not have advanced data recovery skills/techniques, and may inadvertently wipe my data forever.

Any advice?


  Gaz 25 17:30 09 Jul 2003

Err, I dont know of any becuase I have never had to use them.

You may be best with specialist services that have a certificate, and expect to pay BIG money.

  Jester2K II 17:31 09 Jul 2003

Is this deleted data or a crashed HDD??

  rawprawn 17:37 09 Jul 2003

Try Restoration, sorry I can't give you the web address but it should be easy to find using a search engine. I have found it works most times. It was a full program on one of PCA discs & I like to try them out. It also cleans free disc space. Good luck.

  toxin 19:18 09 Jul 2003

Have you tried PC Inspector?

Will recover some files and data provided the disc hasn't been wiped.

I think the link is click here, but I'm not certain.


  woodchip 19:22 09 Jul 2003

If the info is important, i.e. business, then paying out is the best option of getting your data back. Do not try to cut corners on this.

  Bailey08787 19:24 09 Jul 2003

thanks for the advice - i can't get the pc to properyl recognise the drive - device manager detects its there - and when i go to try to assign it a drive letter, it even detects that about 60gigs of the 80gig drive is used up (i'm hoping this indicates that my data is still there).

i have tried everything under the sun to try to get it going.

so now i'm resorting to trying to get the data off

  woodchip 19:44 09 Jul 2003

Have you tried it as a slave

  Bailey08787 19:47 09 Jul 2003

i've tried it every which way there is - if you look back a month or so, you will no doubt find a lot of threads from me referring to the problem

  woodchip 19:53 09 Jul 2003

What about in another computer

  Bailey08787 20:04 09 Jul 2003

well i bought a new hard-drive, and did a fresh install (attempting to set up the faulty drive as a slave) - so i have effectively tried it in another computer

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