Data recovery.

  Naomi1 10:53 07 Nov 2010

I have a CF-card with foto's, that suddenly shows zero content. Nothing has been erased on purpose or accidentally; something went wrong wenn downloading foto's to my PC.
I know there are some progs that recover lost items and save yhem to a hard disk.
But what I am looking for is a free prog that repairs the MFT, FAT, whatever; anyway makes it possible to read the content the normal way, leaving it on he card.

  john bunyan 11:33 07 Nov 2010

You could try Recuva:

click here

  lotvic 11:33 07 Nov 2010

Are you sure you didn't just have pc set to delete from card when you downloaded pics to computer?

If you have the pics on computer why not just copy them back onto the card.

You can look at the card contents through Windows Explorer, same as you would with a usb flash drive.

If the problem is that computer autoruns the card when you insert it just hold down the shift key on your keyboard (that stops it autorunning) then you can use Windows Explorer to look at contents.

  Nontek 11:56 07 Nov 2010

Or you could try click here create a New Folder on your desktop and browse with the program to that new folder, so you know where the recovered pics are.
Make sure you choose your card correctly before pressing Start. You can stop the recovery at any time by clicking on Cancel, pics recovered up to that point will still be in your New Folder.

  Naomi1 18:43 07 Nov 2010

@ bunyan: I tried Recuva and like most progs it searches for items and saves them to a hard disk.
I am looking for repair of the card itself.
@ lotvic: I was downloading via Canon EOS Utility, which normally works perfect. It frooze, so not all the pictures were saved, so not all of them can be copied back to card.
Windows Explorer shows an empty card, which is nonsense, since I was able to recover part of the card with Recuva. That means the card is not empty. It actually means that the file allocation is corrupted which makes it look empty, but everything is perfectly there. Just repair the MFT and/or other allocation tables, and the card is as before the fatal download operation.
@Nontek: also DIR is only saving found content to the hard disk, and saved only foto’s, no movies.

The reason why I prefer card repair instead of card content recovery is the fact that three different progs recovered different content. Sometimes one prog called several items corrupted, while those were completely well recovered by another prog. Which alltogether means there is a good chance that items are definitely lost after “recovery” followed by reformatting. An extra reason is the fact that the numbers are totally random. I want them in chronological order: the original order on the card. Rearranging to chronological order in Windows Explorer will take weeks; I am talking of some 1500+ foto’s and 30+ movies on a full 16GB card. JPG, RAW and MOV files of high quality, high MB.

Repairing the file tables is the safest way to exclude any loss. But with which prog? That is my question.

  Naomi1 13:46 08 Nov 2010

Thanks for the suggestions.
I tried Testdisk, which appeared unable to repair the disk. Indications were contradictive:
- Boot sector = OK, Backup Boot Sector = OK, Sectors are identical.
- Repair FAT: FAT seems OK, nothing to do.
- No files found, file system seems damaged.
- Write BS: write error, can't write new FAT Boot Sector.

All 1512 files found in Canon's subfolder "DCIM" (14.8GB) were in red. I copied them to a PC-folder. About 1/3 (only jpg's) were OK, the rest could not be showed, "decoding failed". Strange, because some other progs recovered all jpg's, in good order, although wrongly numbered, and no RAW and MOV files.

I think I give up.

  Nontek 15:11 08 Nov 2010

A pity you missed this, it was a recent Free Giveaway - I have used it on a camera card with excellent results, recovered all Raw and .jpg files intact.

click here

  Naomi1 15:33 09 Nov 2010

I tried the demo version of iCare, and it found the same files as some other, free, progs did, including mov's and cr2's. Nice interface also. But no real disk repair.
Costs some €65 for a license plus updates; maybe later.
For now I wil rearrange the files I found with the other progs. A lot of work, but anyway I rescued them all.
Thanks for your help.

  Nontek 09:03 13 Nov 2010

Beware of the link from davis.bennett ...

I just tried the Trial Version from that link - using a 2Gb Xd camera card, which I know to be perfect but with pics I have purposely deleted, recently.

The program Kernel?? reported card to be damaged(?), I know it is not. It would not scan to try a recovery, instead it tried to force me to let it work on my Hard Drive !!! No way Jose!

As I said try it if you must, but beware.

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