Data recovery

  Spark6 21:02 04 Sep 2008

Has anyone had experience with the recovery software available from click here

I have removed a Seagate Barracuda 80 Gb SATA drive from my grandchildrens computer which was failing to boot. Trying a repair with the supplied OEM XP2 disc brought up this message: The partition is either too full, damaged, not formatted, or formatted with an incompatible file system. To continue installing Windows, setup must format this partition.

Accessing this drive through a SATA to USB2 external enclosure revealed a RAW disc with no data! Needless to say, no backup was made.

Any help/advice appreciated to recover this data.

  mrwoowoo 21:29 04 Sep 2008

This is an interesting site for free recovery software.
Recuva has been recommended on this forum.
click here

  Spark6 21:49 04 Sep 2008

Many thanks for your response. The software recommended on the site appears to require the software to be loaded on to the faulty computer, this computer would not boot into Windows.

  bjh 21:55 04 Sep 2008

Try Disk Investigator.(Install on boot computer, should read data from your disk directly).

Freeware, but not sure it'll find what you want.
click here

Others may post a better solution.

  Spark6 08:59 05 Sep 2008

All suggestions welcome.

  Spark6 20:24 24 Sep 2008

Using woodchip's CampicRestor I have succeeded in recovering over 100 photographs from this RAW disc. I do not intend to format this disc in the near future in case another recovery piece of software becomes available.

In the meanwhile I should like to thank woodchip for his assistance.

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