Data recovery

  forest 20:29 16 Jul 2006

Hi all,

My PC crashed a few days ago and XP couldn't load after that. Took it to a PC repair shop and the guy said the OS needs to be reinstalled. I wanted to save my data, so asked him to put a new hard drive for the OS and keep the old one with all my data in as well. So far so good. The PC boots up now, most of the programs are working, settings have been lost though. Now here comes the problem.

Lots of my data - music, photos etc was in "My Documents" on my old hard drive. When I try to access the folder through Documents and Settings\User etc I get "the F: drive is not formated. Do you want to format it now?"

I presume doing so will delete everything from the F drive and I don't really want that at all. How come I can access all other folders on the F drive just not the one with the data I really need.

Any help to sort this problem will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

PS its a DELL, Windows XP, p4, 512RAM...

  VoG II 20:32 16 Jul 2006

Try this click here

  dogbreath1 20:37 16 Jul 2006

...Computer Shopper mag (Sep 2006) has O&O DiskRecovery on the cover DVD. There are many such apps. but I don't think that they are generally free. This one seems to be a full free version...but check it out.

Claims to recover data from hard drives (damaged and formatted) and flash memory.

See what else gets posted here as well.

  forest 20:39 16 Jul 2006

I get "This type of drive does not support AutoPlay settings" ;-(

  VoG II 20:42 16 Jul 2006

<<I get "This type of drive does not support AutoPlay settings" ;-(>>

when you do what?

  Sapins 20:45 16 Jul 2006

click here free programme.

  forest 20:47 16 Jul 2006


When I run Autoplay Repair Wizard.

  Sapins 20:47 16 Jul 2006

Should have said you can change the language to English.

  VoG II 20:51 16 Jul 2006

Sincere apologies - I posted entirely the wrong link. Try click here

  forest 21:02 16 Jul 2006

When I run Drive Rescue on the problematic drive I get
"Error: Format '%s' invalid or incompatible with argument"

  UncleP 02:47 17 Jul 2006

When your PC crashed, the contents of the hard disk were damaged one way or another. I assume from your initial post that this disk was converted to a slave (F:) and that you are able to run some applications from it. It is however optimistic to assume that it can be accessed freely without establishing the nature and extent of the damage.

If you wish to recover files from such a disk, the first rule is not to run any program which may write to it, as this may overwrite data you want to recover, or interfere with the functioning of the disk.

The second step is to establish its status; look in Disk Management and check to see if it is on-line, active and has an assigned drive letter. You can also check whether it is healthy and what the file system on it is thought to be.

If these are all normal, you might look at its apparent contents with Windows Explorer.

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