data recovery

  Ray5776 20:59 22 Sep 2005

I am using win 2000 pro on pent 4 with 2gig proccessor, memory 512. 2 hard drives 120g each.
The problem I have is that I copied drive C (the master) onto drive F (the slave) as a back up.
Chose a partition size of appx 10g on the F drive and copied the data with no problem using Paragon
Drive Copy SE software. I can no longer access any of the other data thay was on the F drive which was a huge ammount, say 80gig. I would like to think this has not gone forever but I am not familiar with
data recovery, I shall be more careful in future but
if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


  AndySD 22:46 22 Sep 2005

Is the Drive NTFS or FAT?

  Robin0759 22:56 22 Sep 2005

Your problem reads as if the copy software has re-formated your slave drive! How many partitions were on the drive originally? If the F drive was the only one, then it looks like your F drive has now shrunk to 10GB. To check, right-click My computer, and scroll down to Manage. The computer management console will come up. find disk management in the LH pane, inside "storage" and your disk info will be shown in graphical form.

  SANTOS7 23:05 22 Sep 2005

AndySD i think is on the right track we need to know what file format your partitions are..

  SANTOS7 23:07 22 Sep 2005
  Ray5776 16:10 23 Sep 2005

Thanks for your response, format is NTFS.
If I boot from C drive, F shows as 9.28GB, if I boot from the F drive itself it shows as 115GB. Any further help much appreciated.

  stylehurst 16:21 23 Sep 2005

There are a series of data Recovery programs by I think Active Data Recovery Software; one of these programs is called NTFS Reader
There are free versions of their programs all of which work from a boot floppy. This may help you to recover your files.
There is also another program called Partition Recovery, but I have not tried it.

  Ray5776 19:48 23 Sep 2005

Thanks stylehurst, have tried this out but I can only save the data in FAT, as both my drives are
NTFS I don`t know how to do this.

  AndySD 21:34 23 Sep 2005

Try a free tool from click here But my personal choice is GetDataBack - Data Recovery for NTFS click here but it costs about £50

  Ray5776 21:38 24 Sep 2005

Hello everyone thanks for your ongoing help. I have tried a few recovery programs and the data obviously
still exists, I have found thousands of files but instead of having names they now have numbers which to me are meaningless i.e. I have no idea what they are or where they should be restored to. I tried the GetDataBack (free trial) thanks AndySD, very nice bit of software but still got loads of files with meaningless numbers. I am tempted to buy this but am
still not sure it will solve my problem.

  AndySD 18:41 25 Sep 2005

What was the date on the mostly photos or documents or programs or may be able to guess what the file s are from theit size.

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