Data Recovery

  Sat Diver 09:15 12 Sep 2003

After have a lot of problems with my Sony note book I had to run the disk recovery program. This is the 3 CD installation that effectively 'cleans' the hard disk and re-installs windows (win 2000 upgraded to XP Professional). Unfortunatly when 'backup' was run (data transfered to another computer on the home network)it only looked at 'My Documents' in C and not in D, where they were stored. The upshot of all this is that I have lost 2-3 gig of documents! During the reload the size of the particians was not changed (C = 12gb D = 16gb) but all the data went from view. Unfortunately I had loaded AutoCAD 2000 on D before being aware of my data problems.
Do I have any chance of recovery without the £300 - £600 price tag I have come up with so far?

  minter 09:45 12 Sep 2003

Have used Final Data, but that was on 98SE, was only able to recover about 30% of disc. Had formatted disc, all files showed up but when recovered most were unusable.

Try "Virtual Lab for Windows" at click here

  Confab 11:41 12 Sep 2003

Try this click here

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