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  jaritch 10:16 29 Oct 2008

I have a Panasonic data projector have had it for about 4 years with reasonable use. I am now getting a green tinge coming from the bottom of the projection which is gradually spreading. Having never bought a bulb before I was wondering if this is a symptom of the bulb on the way out? There is a light that should come on when the bulb is needing replaced and as yet this has not came on. Thought I would check to see if anybody has this experience. I don't want to buy a bulb if it is something else.

  DieSse 10:18 29 Oct 2008

What model projector please.

  jaritch 10:22 29 Oct 2008

Panasonic PT-L720E , 2200 lumens

  Covergirl 12:27 29 Oct 2008

click here Problems with Panasonic PT L720E Multimedia Projector?

Probably one of the colours is failing.

  DieSse 16:19 29 Oct 2008

If you're feeding the projector with an RGB signal, you could try adjusting the White Balance for the green signal.

See your user manual page 19

click here

  DieSse 16:27 29 Oct 2008

PS - Have you cleaned the air filter - high temperatures (due to a dirty air-filter) may cause components to fail.

The projector use three colour LCD matrices for generating the image - it may be the LCD or associated component is failing.

  jaritch 09:42 30 Oct 2008

Hi Guys
Thanks for all the responses. Tried the White balance thing which made no difference. I phoned the place we got it and the engineer reckoned that it was a problem withe imager, which to be honest to replace would be more expensive than a new projector.

Can you give me recommendations for a new machine based on your experiences out there. Would like to go for something 3000 lumens or above with a max budget of £1000.

I need two RGB inputs one for computer and one for laptop just standard VGA. Also need a remote which operates a shutter. We use it in a church and have been happy with the Panasonic but to be honest expected it to last longer than the 6 years we have had it. Never even got to change the bulb.

Have seen a few on the web but prefer recommendations if any one has any.

  jaritch 07:55 31 Oct 2008


  PH_KonicaMinolta 14:03 04 Nov 2008

I have been using an Epson TW20 for nearly 2 years at home. Ceiling mounted, it gives a whopping great image and is clear and sharp enough to project from either the DVD & Freeview (for movies and general TV...was great watching the F1 finale at the weekend with lifesize in-cockpit shots!) or from the laptop. Two years ago it cost me only about £500 so it'll either have come way down, or it's been replaced by something better!
Good luck finding the new one.

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