Data in foreground of tv picture

  Sleezie 09:39 21 Apr 2018

I have two separate tv's one Samsung one panasonic. On BBC channels both have text data in foreground. One started a month ago the other today.

  rdave13 09:55 21 Apr 2018

There should be an option on the remotes to disable Closed captioning (subtitles).

  ponytail 08:56 24 Apr 2018

This seems like a subtitle problem as I had the same problem last week and the problem was caused by me inadvertently pressing the subtitle button my remote.Have you got a Subtitle button on your remote.

  VirtualDreamer 10:55 24 Apr 2018

I agree with the previous answers, this could be as simple as you accidentally pressed the Subtitle button, but I would also check the settings menu using your remote because captions could be enabled for BBC channel only, if that is possible at all. Anyway, it may be worth checking.

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