Data feed from text file to table?

  fourjays 15:11 22 Mar 2005


I was wondering if there is a simple way, to have information entered into a text file, be displayed in a table on a web page? Or a simple way to make it enter the information automatically, but only after a confirmation via an 'admin' page?

It might help to explain what I need it to do, so...

On my website, I have a 'league' table, with users stats for the games we play (like enemy kills, etc). at the moment, everytime it is updated, I have to open the html page, and edit the numbers in the table manually.

What I would prefer to do, is to either:

a) Edit a simple text file, where the webpage then automatically updates the table information from the text file.

b) Have the form add the entered numbers to the table automatically (I assume this would be done with php/mysql), but have it so that it will not add the entered numbers to the table, until an admin has confirmed they can be entered.

Anyone know which method I should use, and if there are any simple, easy to follow, tutorials on the subject?


PS: Please ask if you aren't sure what I mean.

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