data execution prevention

  picklsey 07:22 11 Apr 2007

when i try to open the video,s i have taken over the years with my camcorder windows explorer open saying there is a problem and needs to close.i have traced it to the above.i have saved these video,s in avi format as there is rather a lot and it is only when i try to open an avi file i have this problem.they are saved to my external h/drive and they play without a problem on other comps.any ideas please.


  moorie- 07:35 11 Apr 2007

xp home not sure about pro
if it is dep,you can put an exception in,
my computer /right click/properties/advanced/performance settings/dep

seems strange though that its not dep on other comps?

  Technotiger 07:39 11 Apr 2007

Hi, in DEP as shown by moorie- put the check-dot in "Turn on DEP for essential Windows Programs and Services only."

  picklsey 07:55 11 Apr 2007

thanks for the help on this the add and remove buttons are grayed out.Turn on DEP for essential Windows Programs that,s the one that,s selected tried changing it made no difference.i tried right clicking one of the files to see if i could get it to play through a different player,but as soon as i click on any of the files windows explorer jumps in saying there is a problem and needs to close.thanks again.

  Technotiger 08:05 11 Apr 2007

Hmm, I would assume that at some time you have been able to run these files on your pc - if this is the case, then try a System Restore back to when they did run ok.

plus, if you external drive is USB, try a different USB port.

  picklsey 08:09 11 Apr 2007

yes they did run ok tried the system restore.tried different ports also firewire.thanks again

  moorie- 08:17 11 Apr 2007

just a thought are you trying to play the file through the player or from the external drive.
it may be an old file extension/ library type issue.
try playing it from the drive,thats why it may work on other comps
just a guess though julius

  moorie- 08:20 11 Apr 2007

this a link to reindex media player to correct movement fom your internal to external drive,not sure which player you use
click here

  picklsey 08:24 11 Apr 2007

thanks again i transfered a couple of the files to my cdrive still the this gets even stranger they play without a problem on vista,which i have on dual boot.been trying to sort this out for over a week now.way past doing my head in

  moorie- 08:24 11 Apr 2007

sorry picklsey not julius

  picklsey 08:31 11 Apr 2007

i use windows media player tried the download but they want payment to use the me what you like lol

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