Data error reading driveC windows refused to load

  end 00:52 02 Nov 2004

says my Tower;
presented with a black screan, the error writing "data error reading Drive C "and nowt else

win 98 SE IE6
tried twice to load and same answer;rebooted twice with same response; switched off then on, then loaded.
have norton shortly to expire and will not renew but go to AGV;
have adaware with its error updating on here still ;
Win 98 has loaded now and am on tower; but what ought I to do ; have run scan disk and no problems; about to run defragment.
and BB has loaded an is running.
so, what is "up its sleeve " that I dont want o know about? but need to get prepared for:(
and what , if anything , should I run? ( apart from run as far away as possible from it)

  User-312386 01:52 02 Nov 2004

if you can start windows do this

Go to start>shutdown>restart in msdos>ok

Now when in dos type scanreg/fix

If after the registry has been fixed you are presented with a cursor again type exit

  Diemmess 10:58 02 Nov 2004

A good backup program (image-maker)

Once you have this image on separate HDD or similar, then I guess you will not need it!

The big BUT is eliminating the cause of the "awful warning"

Whatever you do AV, scandisk and so on, you might be thinking of replacing the HD that carries C:

You might not have any more bother but Back - Up -NOW.

  end 11:37 02 Nov 2004

and as I do not have access to a CD rewriter ( long story!), i will have to get a few floppies to save the work on; only documents etc, nowt of images ; and , having restarted the PC a few times since this warning, should I still go into DOS and run the scanreg/fix?

  Diemmess 13:06 02 Nov 2004

I have a personal trust for Ghost..... You don't need a rewriter just a normal CD burner.

As for what to do about scanreg /fix or scanreg /restore, or for that matter any meddling with the existing system.... not yet.

Two reasons for that.

1) the error has happened to me in the past and rebooting usually fixed it for the time being. It really depends how much you are prepared to risk it? If the error is in software it can wait, hardware can only get worse!

2) Backup first then you have something secure.
Ideally, buy a new HD. Partition it into at least two partitions and mount it as a secondary disk. Then you can put your Ghost image on a later partiton, and work towards making the first partition your new Drive C:

  end 15:35 02 Nov 2004

I have not got a CD Burner:(
so will have to put stuff on floppies:)

I have a lappy wich I can put info on. but need to sort out my documents etc

and, do I leave the dos scan for now?

am I looking at symptoms of HD failure in the "soon future"?
please chear me up:)

  Diemmess 16:13 02 Nov 2004

Honestly I'm just guessing, but I would leave the scanning for now, though it just could be an early warning about HD health. (No harm in a straight Scandisk.) There are too many variables to make a firm conclusion.

More serious though is your lack of storage space for a backup. "Ghost" works by making an image file of your entire drive, beit C or D or whatever you choose. If that drive is a big one with no partitions, then you have an even bigger problem, because though the image file will only be the size of all the stuff on that drive, that could run into gigabytes if it includes data like documents, pictures and music, and take literally hours to backup/restore.

The image file can be stored anywhere except the drive you've just imaged. When you restore it, then it overwrites everything on the target drive. That's why I suggest dig in your pocket for the price of an extra HD. The only cheaper way out is to store data somwhere else and accept the fact that one day, maybe a very long time yet.......BOOM!

  end 16:37 02 Nov 2004

I dont have any music as such on here, merely documents, which I can put on floppies;
now, what intruigues me is the fact that when I tried to connect to my BB, the first attempt failed as it said it could not establish a connection; second attempt worked; BUT, had previously run adaware , the new version, and had removed some stuff.;
its back on line now. but some scary stuff happening; the lappy is available if all else fails ( may be I should not use that expression as the computer will "hear me" and fail:( )

so, off tomorrow to get a supply of floppies to back up all my documents; but, this is getting scary:)
will have to check with my supplier, but think my Drive is still under extended warranty.....( all legs and fingers crossed at this point )

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