Data error reading drive C

  Tj_El 14:47 18 Oct 2003

Hi All, I encountered this error after having transferred a HDD from another machine (a friends) to mine running this HDD as the master. The installed OS is 98. I get the splash window followed by the error. When I type 'r' to 'Retry' I get a black & white 98 splash screen followed by the error:

Invalid VxD dynamic link call from VWIN32(01) + 00000714 to device "0009", service 1. Your Windows configuration is invalid. Run the Window Setup Program again to correct this problem.

What's this mean and how to resolve.

Thanks for the input.


  woodchip 14:56 18 Oct 2003

As the drive been formated and drivers loaded for your hardware if not!! you are doing well that it booted up

  Tj_El 15:04 18 Oct 2003

Ah! Is that why?...

I was under the impression that when it loaded 98, it would proceed to load all the necessary new drivers etc required for my hardware.... obviously I was wrong. Is this a matter of re-installing the OS over exisitng?

I don't want to lose exisitng data on the HDD. The PC from which it came has a failed PSU (and I guess motherboard also as the PSU failed to do anything) and I'm looking to donate my 2nd PC to them.

If this is not the best way forward then it means connecting their HDD as a slave and trying to retrieve their data etc.... please advise if any other way exists. Cheers!

  woodchip 15:17 18 Oct 2003

No you would need to format C:\ and reinstall windows, then load all drivers starting with motherboard drivers then Graphis and Sound etc

  woodchip 15:19 18 Oct 2003

PS you could try load Win98 over it's self then reload drivers but it will leave a lot of rubbish on the disc that may cause probs

  Tj_El 15:25 18 Oct 2003

Cheers woodchip, I guess I'll install as slave and see if I can retrieve their data first.

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