Data error (cyclic redundancy check) in Win XP

  Arif-205907 03:20 05 Mar 2004

I have a high spec Sony Desktop with XP home. All was well until one dark day i installed Norton Systemworks. My PC has been ill ever since and runs like a sick old man. Un-installing has made no difference. However, i have just lived with it. My pc has also since this time never been able to get a windows update - error when trying to connect to the site. Microsoft have been unable to fix this!

This week i wanted to install some sync software for my new sonyerricsson phone (P900). It would not install, error message :"could not load C:\program files\\ctor.dll"

I was advised to remove service pack 1a and re-install. Howeverm because my machine cannot connect to windows upadte, i couldn'y re-install. I then read that a particalur hotfix could be stopiing my sync software installtion. So i removed it and thenmy pc would not start. I spent a whole day with recivery console replacing the corrupted dll's.

When i got the thing up and running again, i proceeded to copy everthing on my c drive onto my D partition, in prep for a re-install of XP on the c drive (fresh start).

I now keep getting the data error CRC when copying some files from C to D.


  Billy911 08:47 05 Mar 2004

I don't know much about this although I do know that compressed files can cause CRC data errors. Try a google search for the error message that you're getting. Also send an e-mail with your problem to [email protected] They should be able to help as they are a UK computer magzine and very professional. Technical problems seem to be their speciality. Just make sure you put your name & address and PC spec in the e-mail as you may get printed in the next issue of the mag. It won't cost you a penny.

  Nellie2 08:50 05 Mar 2004

I'm a bit out of my depth on this one but I have had a look around and a CRC error seems to cover a lot of things... here is a link with a bit more of an explanation. click here

What did interest me was the fact that Windows update was failing... I have a good site here with some tips on click here Even if this wasn't your particular problem i would suggest you try step 3 anyway.

Good luck and hang on in there... I am sure someone a bit more knowledgeable than me will come along with some helpful advice soon!! :)

Sometimes the CRC errors can be releated to BIOS, but i very much doubt that.

These may well have been deleted but have you tried to do a system restore? Other thing did system works install properly?

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