DATA on CD not there anymore.

  Daveson 07:59 28 Apr 2006

Hello. I have had this happen to me but my boss asked me last night if i knew anything about it. In the past i have copied files and photos onto a cd, on my laptop, but when i give them to my friend and he/she puts them on to there laptop/pc there is nothing there. I look pretty stupid as i definatley put the file on there and they show up on my computer. Has this happened to anyone else and is there a reason that can be fixed ?

Thanks, Craig.

  remind 08:02 28 Apr 2006

Could be the media, or the CD drive in question doesn't support CDRW or multi session discs. More likely the older the computer.
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  Diodorus Siculus 08:25 28 Apr 2006

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  gudgulf 08:27 28 Apr 2006

Make sure you finalise the disc after putting the files on no further writing to that disc is possible.

Other pcs wont be able to read them properly unless you do,

  ICF 08:27 28 Apr 2006

What CD copying software are you using?

  Daveson 08:33 28 Apr 2006

Its my boss, she is using Roxio i think.

  Newuser4165 13:58 28 Apr 2006

There are two possibilities for this problem.
1:Each time data is written to a CDRW using premastering software such as Roxio EZCD Creator/Nero a separate session is generated.Files is each session are reindexed when the session is closed .This allows all files to be read by MOST current CD Rom drives depending on the operating system in use.However, sometimes the cd rom drive can only see some of the sessions written on the disk usually the most recent.

2: I suspect this is more likely.
The disk has been written with packet writing software such as Roxio's Direct CD or InCD from Nero.These programs write the data in a file format called UDF.
If the pc is running W98/Me or earlier then you need to have UDF reading software installed on the pc ,otherwise the data can't be read.
XP has it's own built in UDF reader and shouldn't give a problem but you can't write a disk in UDF format using XP.

I hope you can sort out your problem.

  Daveson 22:39 28 Apr 2006

Thanks for all your help. I will have a word with the boss and see what she says.


  VoG II 22:48 28 Apr 2006

If you are doing this to archive company records then you need something far more secure! I think that an ISO 9001 auditor would have apoplexy - I am and I would.

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